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Endocrine Abstracts (2010) 22 P109 

Primary hyperparathyroidism at pregnancy

Goknur Yorulmaz, Nur Kebapci, Kevser Onbasi, Belgin Efe & Aysen Akalin

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Primary hyperparathyroidism during pregnancy is a rare condition associated with a high frequency of complications in both mother and fetus. Operation in the second trimester is offered. Here we report about a case with hyperemesis and hyperparathyroidism during routine laboratory examinations.

A 30-years-old pregnant woman attendant our policlinic with hyperemsis gravidarum. Her calcium and parathormone level were elevated; 11.6 mg/dl and 135 pg/ml, respectively. Calcium excretion rate was 456 mg/per day, tubular phosphorus reabsorbtion rate was 91% and chlor-phosphorus ratio was 41.3. With all these findings the patient was diagnosed to have primary hyperparathyroidism. Neck ultrasound revealed a parathyroid adenoma (12×7×27 mm) at the inferior right thyroid lobe. At the first trimester the patient was given calsitonin treatment and hydration. At the second trimester she was sent to surgery because of high calcium levels despite medical treatment. After the operation her calcium levels turned to low levels.

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