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Endocrine Abstracts (2010) 22 P273 

The effect of diabetes treatment on non alcoholic fatty liver disorder

Sahar Ghareh, Zohreh mousavi & Haleh Rokni

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Nonalcoholic fatty liver disorder is common among diabetics. Few studies have shown that there is association between type of diabetes treatment and prevalence of NAFLD.

Materials and methods: The prevalence of NAFLD has been evaluated in 236 diabetic patients and the association between type of diabetes treatment and NAFLD was surveyed.

Results: Patients of 63.3% were female. Average age was 50.83±11.21 years. Average weight was 71.95±12.63 kg/m2. Average duration of diabetes diagnosis was 8 years. Average abdominal circumference was 98.54±12.32 cm. Average BMI was 28.1±4.72 kg/m2. Average FBS was 158.32±46.19 mg/dl and average HbA1c was 9.8±6.6%. Six patients (2.6%) were just on diet as diabetes treatment. One hundred and eighty pateints (78.6%) received oral antidiabetics and 23 patients (10%) were on insulin therapy. 20 (8.7%) patients received combination therapy with insulin and oral agents. NAFLD was diagnosed in 38.6% of patients on oral agents and 6.7% of insulin treated patients and 22.2% of patients who received combination therapy.

Conclusion: NFALD was more common in patients who received antidiabetic oral agents than in insulin treated patients.

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