Endocrine Abstracts (2010) 22 P332

The mean HbA1c values in T2DM according a therapy regiments

Snezana Polovina1, Klara Tucic Nemet1, Dusan Micic2, Jelena Micic2 & Dragan Micic2

1General Hospital Subotica, Subotica, Serbia; 2Clinical Center Serbia, Belgrade, Serbia.

Aim: To calculate mean HbA1c values in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus in different therapy regiments.

Material and methods: Ninety-nine diabetic persons was divided in three groups: group I (n=33) on oral hypoglucemic agents, group II (n=33) on one or two doses of insulin and group III (n=33) on intensive insulin therapy. We have calculated the mean values of HbA1c on the begining and 6 months after start of therapy regiment.

Results: The mean HbA1c value in group I was 8.92% (±3.2), in group II 6.88% (±2.1), in group III 7.5% (±3.3). HbA1c after 3 months in group I was increased 8.7% (P>0.05), in group II decreased 22.7% (P<0.05), in group III also decreased 20.1% (P<0.05). Good glycemic control (HbA1c <7.0%) was in 10% patients in group I, 57% in group II and 33% in group III.

Conclusion: The patients with one or two doses of insulin had the best metabolic control, and there was significant improvement of glycoregulation a short time after insulin administration in patients with secondary failure of oral agents. The worst control had the patients on oral agents possible due to sub dosing of oral agents and delay to combine therapy with two or three agents. The patients on intensive insulin therapy had less improvement of glycoregulation perhaps because the 6 months is a short time to establish better metabolic control in patients with high start value of HbA1c.

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