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Endocrine Abstracts (2010) 22 P689 

Influence of age of onset of metabolic syndrome

José Javier Gómez-Barrado, Juan Ramón Gómez-Martino, José Polo, Alfonso Barquilla, Soledad Turégano, Jorge Vega, Francisco Javier Garcipérez de Vargas & Javier Mendoza

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The metabolic syndrome (MS) is a pathological entity that carries a high cardiovascular risk, and whose risk factors may occur at an early age. No data are available in our area on the influence of age on the prevalence of MS.

Objectives: To determine the prevalence of MS in our area, by age group and compare the frequency of occurrence of MS in young adults (<40 years) (J) and mature adults (>40 years) (M).

Methods: Observational and transversal. We included 1498 individuals of both sexes, selected randomly in the 4 health areas of the province of Caceres (Spain).

By age, suffering from MS by ATP-III criteria:
1420 Years1.04%50–59 Years20.62%
20–29 years2.75%60–69 years26.45%
30–39 years5.08%70–79 years36.36%
40–49 years9.49%>80 years43.40%

Results: Of 44.73% of the subjects were men. The mean age was 19.94 years±48.86. The 38.05% of individuals was J, with similar percentage of men and women (37.61 vs 38.41%).

A 3.51% of individuals J presents SM, compared with 24.27% of the M.

Conclusions: The MS is more frequent with increasing age of the population.

The MS is significantly more prevalent in mature than in young subjects.

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