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Endocrine Abstracts (2012) 29 S20.2 

Immune signaling in osoteoclasts

Hiroshi Takayanagi

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In addition to cellular interactions via cytokines, the immune and skeletal systems share various molecules, including transcription factors, signaling molecules and membrane receptors1. RANKL stimulates osteoclastogenesis through NFATc1 in cooperation with immunoglobulin-like receptors, using the immunomodulatory molecules for signalling2. Here I will discuss emerging topics in osteoimmunology including the mechanisms underlying bone cell communication: osteocyte RANKL3, regulation of bone formation by osteoclast-derived Sema4D4, and osteoprotection by osteoblast-derived Sema3A5.

References: (1) Nat Rev Immunol 7, 292–304, 2007.

(2) Nat Rev Rheumatol 5, 667–76, 2009.

(3) Nat Med 17, 1231–34, 2011.

(4) Nat Med. 17, 1473–80, 2011.

(5) Nature, in press.

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