Endocrine Abstracts (2006) 11 P446

Comparative efficacy of therapy with sandostatin and parlodel in patients with acromegalia

ZYu Khaimova & AA Khalikova

Institute of Neurosurgery, Tashkent, Yunusabad region, Uzbekistan.

Efficacy of the combined therapy of somatostatin analogues and dopamine receptor antagonists in patients with growth hormone (GH) producing hypophysial adenomas was compared. 30 patients with acromegalia aged from 28 to 58 with the disease duration from 2 to 5 years receiving radio – therapy (gamma-therapy, 60 Gy) within 2001–2002 were examined. 7 of the examinees (1st group) received sandostatin in the dose of 100 mkg/day and 23 patients received parlodel in the dose of 10–12.5 mg/day (2nd group) for 3 months. Levels of GH, insulin-like growth factor −1 (IGF-1) and daily GH secretion rhythm as the major criteria of the disease were measured before and 3 months after the therapy.

The basal values of the above in the 1st group patients were as follows: GH 47±2.7 mUI/ml, mean daily GH 46±2.8 mUI/ml, IGF-1 1446±76.8 ng/ml, in the second group the parameters were 43.8±5.7 mUI/ml, 45±2.8 mUI/ml and 1393±56.6 ng/ml, respectively. After the therapy clinical improvement in the form of headache regression was observed in 5(%), edema reduction and extremities growth termination being registered in 4 (%) patients of the 1st group. Significant stabilization and improvement in hormonal parameters have been noted observed too. Thus, basal GH level was 20±2.7 mUI/ml, mean daily GH level and IGF-1 14.6±2.8 mUI/ml 789±23.3 ng/ml, respectively. In the 2nd group headache regression was registered in 5 (%) patients, edema reduced in 4 (%) and no extremities growth termination was observed. The hormonal parameters were 354±3.7 mUI/ml, 31.4±2.5 mUI/ml and 1323±76.8 ng/ml, respectively. As compared with the dopamine antagonists, sandostatin could be seen significantly efficient in pathogenic therapy within early periods (up to 2 months) of the therapy.

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