Endocrine Abstracts (2006) 11 P469

Octreotide as alternative to surgically adrenalectomy

D Katalinic, G Mirosevic & V Zjacic-Rotkvic

University Hospital “Sestre milosrdnice”, Zagreb, Croatia, Croatia.

35-year old female patient with bilateral pheochromocytoma and operated medullary carcinoma of thyroid gland (MEN II B sy.) is put in the octreotide therapy as she doesn’t accept operation as a therapy because of religious reasons (transfusion of blood) and attacks of artery hypertension couldn’t be control with alfa-adrenergic receptors antagonists.

12 MONTH 2004 ADRENALIN-urine 890 nmoldU/l (10.2–65.5); NORADRENALIN-urine >5000 nmoldU/l (32.5–271.9); VMA >1000 mcmoldU/l (15.6–31.8); CALCITONIN 310 pg/ml (<13); CHROMOGRANIN A 1635 ng/ml (<60); NMR scan: right suprarenal gland 4×3 cm; left suprarenal gland 11×9 cm.

Artery pressure RR 200/150 mmHg.

09 MONTH 2005 ADRENALIN-urine 651 nmoldU/l (10.2–65.5); NORADRENALIN-urine 760 nmoldU/l (32.5–271.9); VMA 410 mcmoldU/l (15.6–31.8); CALCITONIN 292 pg/ml (<13); CHROMOGRANIN A 1307 ng/ml (<60);

NMR scan: right suprarenal gland 4×2 cm; left suprarenal gland 11×7 cm.

Artery pressure RR 130/90 mmHg.

In comparation with test results from 12 month 2004 is evident decrease of chatecholamine, calcitonin and chromogranin A secretion with decrease size of bilateral adrenal tumors. Artery pressure is satisfactory regulated. The octreotide therapy is acceptably alternative to surgically treatment in cases where the operation is not possible.

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