Endocrine Abstracts (2006) 11 P825

Estimation of the optimal diagnostic complex of the treatment of the nodular euthyroid formations of thyroid

Vasil Chachibaia, Badri Gvadzabia, Elen Giorgadze & Keteva Mirianashvili

N4 clinical hospital, Tbilisi, Georgia.

Background: The ultrasound investigation in combination with fine-needle aspiration biopsy is one of the precise methods of the diagnostic of the thyroid nodular formations.

Aim: To assess the possibilities of the diagnostic methods in case of the euthyroid nodular formations of the thyroid.

Materials and methods: 220 patients with nodular euthyroid formations of the thyroid were investigated, from which: 189 were women and 31 – men. Their age varied between 18 and 65 years. In all of the patients the ultrasound of thyroid was done.

Results: After the ultrasound investigation of 220 patients in 207(94, 09%) subjects the nodule was determined, the false positive answer in 11 cases, false negative answer in 2 cases. The sensitivity of this method according to our data was 99%, specificity – 54%. In 220 patients fine-needle aspiration biopsy was done in 91 patients. The biopsy was done under the ultrasound control. In 12 cases (13%) we could not receive enough material for the verification of the diagnosis, in 5 (6.9%) patients the malignant tumor was diagnosed, in 3 patients (3.7%) follicular cancer, in 2 patients (2.5%) papillar cancer. The benign tumor of the thyroid was detected in 32 subjects (40%). After the histological examination of the operated material the following divergences were detected: papillar cancer in 1 case was follicular adenoma, also in 1 case cystic goiter was- cystoadenomatous goiter. In rest of the cases the diagnosis were confirmed.

Conclusions: In case of the nodular formations of the thyroid the revealed nodules should be assessed with circumspection. If the suspect of tumor is, the ultrasound and fine-needle aspiration biopsy should be implemented.

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