Endocrine Abstracts (2006) 11 P828

Lipids profile and carotid scan atherosclerotic parametres in newly diagnosed hypothyroid females

VP Popovic-Radinovic, ZG Gluvic, MV Vujovic, JT Tica, ZR Rasic-Milutinovic, DM Milicevic, EI Isenovic & MP Pavicevic

Zemun Clinical Hospital, Zemun, Serbia, Yugoslavia.

Dyslipidemia is frequently registered in the patients with hypothyroidism (HLP type 2a, 2b, 4). Its atherosclerosis acceleration role is well known.

Objective: To evaluate lipids profile in newly diagnosed hypothyroidism and to assess atherosclerosis features by carotid scan morphological parametres.

Matherial and methods: Study involeved 30 newly diagnosed hypothyroid females (54±10 years). After the completion of lab (including lipids profile) and ultrasound thyroid evaluation, carotid Doppler scans were performed.

Results: Mean TSH level was 44.9±45.6 mIU/l. Positive thyroid antibody screening was observed in 16 patients, but 97% patients had typical ultrasound presentation of Hashimoto as well the same percentage of some HLP (18 patients HLP 2a). Clinically significant increase in RI (>75%) and intima-media thickness (≥1.1 mm) was registered in 3 and 15 patients respectively. We didn’t find significant influence of hypothyroidism severity (TSH >30 mIU/l) and intima-media thickness on RI. Carotid branch stenosis (mean 38±5%) was confirmed in 6 patients. 83% patients with stenosis had HLP2a and all of them had significant intima-media thickness. No one of the patients had cerebrovascular or cardiovascular accident.

Conclusion: Nearly all evaluated patients had dyslipidemia. Incipient atherosclerotic carotid scan changes were registered in more than a half of patients. Despite high cardiovascular and cerebrovascular mortality rates in hypothyroid population, could decreased body metabolism, beside many factors, be protective in this way at the onset of disease?

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