Plenary Lecturers’ Biographical Notes

Society for Endocrinology Dale Medal Lecture

Society for Endocrinology Transatlantic Medal Lecture

Society for Endocrinology Asia and Oceania Medal Lecture

Society for Endocrinology European Medal Lecture

The British Thyroid Association Pitt Rivers Lecture

Clinical Endocrinology Trust Visiting Professor Lecture

Society for Endocrinology Medal Lecture

Clinical Endocrinology Trust Lecture


Transdifferentiation in the endocrine system

Thyroid and autoimmunity

Endocrinology of senescence

Endocrine stem cells

Novel endocrine consequences of stress

Vitamin D – new perspectives

Animal disease, paradigm for human conditions

Aspects of cardiovascular risk management in diabetes

New biology of bone: therapeutic implications

Clinical Management Workshops

Management of endocrine disorders in pregnancy: the mother and the child

New aspects of phaeochromocytoma

Differentiated thyroid cancer

Nurse Session

Thyroid cancer – more than a lump in the neck

Dealing with MEN

Young Endocrinologists Session

A successful research career

Molecular Endocrinology Workshop

Nuclear hormone receptor-chromatin interactions: new approaches and insight into dynamics

Clinical and Basic Review Lectures

Applications of proteomics in translational research


Pharmacological aspects of appetite control


Education Technology Session



Clinical Debate

This house believes that all patients with sub-clinical thyrotoxicosis should be treated

D1 D2

Oral Communications

Steroid synthesis and action

Society for Endocrinology/Clinical Endocrinology Trust Young Investigator Basic Prize winner

Clinical and translational endocrinology

Young Endocrinologist prize session

Novartis Clinical Endocrinology Award

Novartis Basic Endocrinology Award

Neuroendocrinology, reproduction and cardiovascular

2005 Pfizer Award

Society for Endocrinology/Clinical Endocrinology Trust Young Investigator Clinical Prize winner

British Thyroid Association Award

Poster Presentations


Clinical practice/governance and case reports


Cytokines and growth factors

Growth and development

Diabetes, metabolism and cardiovascular

Endocrine tumours and neoplasia

AMEND Young Investigator's Award

Neuroendocrinology and behaviour (including pituitary)




Novartis Prize posters