Endocrine Abstracts (2009) 20 P251

The incidence of osteoporotic hip fracture in north west of Iran

Akbar Aliasgarzadeha, Amir Bahrami, Majid Ramazani, Farzad Najafipoor & Amin Moradi

Tabriz University (Medical Sciences), Tariz, Islamic Republic of Iran.

Introduction: Osteoporotic hip fracture is one of the serious complications of bone loss. These fractures constitute almost 20% of orthopedics wards admissions. Due to lack of precise statistical data of osteoporotic hip fracture rates in IRAN, and absence of previous investigations regarding the problem in Tabriz (a large city in north west of IRAN), we planed a study to survey frequency of this epidemic in over 50 years old residents of Tabriz.

Material and methods: In a retrospective – descriptive study we reviewed medical records of all over 50 years old patients who was inhabitant of Tabriz, and admitted with hip fracture in citywide hospitals (private or governmental), during 24 months from March 2005 to February 2007. Data regarding age, sex, type of trauma, type of fracture, and in-hospital morbidity and mortality were extracted. Data analysis was preformed by SPSS14 software.

Results: During the study period there were 878 admissions for hip fracture in over 50 years old subjects. There were 779 patients with nontraumatic hip fracture including 398 males and 381 females with a mean age of 75.1±9.1. It is estimated that, the rate of nontraumatic hip fracture in over 50 years old citizens of Tabriz to be 175 for each 100 000 population. The rate was 174 for females and 176 for males with a female to male ratio of 0.96.

Conclusion: The frequency of nontraumatic osteoporotic hip fracture in over 50 years old population of Tabriz (a large city in northwest Iran) is high. These rates are lower than those reported from Sweden and the Netherlands, and similar to France and Portugal. Age related surge of osteoporotic hip fracture occurs 10 years earlier in our country. Female to male ratio is lower than those of other countries.

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