Endocrine Abstracts (2009) 20 P292

Clinical analysis of 150 patients with pituitary insufficiency (20 years experience)

Cristina Preda, Letitia Leustean, Maria-Christina Ungureanu, Cristina Cristea, Voichita Mogos, Corina Galesanu, Carmen Vulpoi & Eusebie Zbranca

University of Medicine and Pharmacy gr. T. Popa, Iasi, Romania.

Background: Pituitary insufficiency is an uncommon endocrine disorder (incidence 2–4 per 100 000 per year), which clinical symptoms depend on the degree of hormone depletion and the rapidity of onset.

Aim: To determine the clinical presentation, aetiology and clinical forms in 150 patients diagnosed with pituitary insufficiency.

Material and methods: Retrospective study of clinical records of 150 patients with pituitary insufficiency diagnosed during a 20 years period. Data regarding clinical, biological and radiological work-up were recorded.

Results: Of 115 (76.6%) patients were females and 35 (23.4%) were males; clinical signs at presentation: weakness (96%), amenorrhea (53.3%), loss of pubic hair (53.3%), loss of axillary hair (50.6%), dizziness (37.3%), hypotension (14%), headache (12%), visual disturbances (10.6%); aetiology: ischemia (47.3%), pituitary tumour (18.6%), pituitary surgery or radiation (18%), head trauma (6%), hypothalamic disorders (5.3%), idiopathic (3.33%), infections (1.33%); clinical forms: panhypopituitarism 40 subjects (26.6%), anterior pituitary insufficiency 87 subjects (58.6%), partial deficiency of anterior pituitary hormones 23 subjects (14.6%).

Conclusions: Female patients are more affected by pituitary insufficiency than male patients; most common clinical sign was weakness followed by amenorrhea and loss of pubic hair; ischemia and pituitary tumors represented the major causes of pituitary insufficiency; major clinical form was complete deficiency of anterior pituitary hormones; anamnesis and clinical examination completed by hormonal assessment and radiological investigations are essential for an accurate diagnosis.

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