Speaker Abstracts

CME session

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RCN CYP diabetes community session

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Symposium 1 – Transition and Therapeutics

S15 S16 S17

Symposium 2 – Metabolic Bone Disease

S18 S19

Catherine Hall Memorial Lecture


Symposium 3 – The Beta cell

S21 S22 S23

Plenary guest lecture


Symposium 4 – Diabetes Care

S25 S26

Endocrine Nurse session

S27 S28 S29 S30

Oral Communications

Oral Communications 1

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Oral Communications 2 (Brief Communications)

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Oral Communications 3

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Oral Communications 4 (Brief Communications)

OC4.1 OC4.2 OC4.3 OC4.4

Oral Presentations (RCN CYP diabetes session)

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Brief Communications (Endocrine Nurse session)

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Poster Presentations

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