Endocrine Abstracts (2011) 26 P724

TCF7L2 gene variants and plasma C-peptide concentrations in diabetes type 2

M C Ferreira1,2, M C A Marques1, R T Fukui1, M R Correia1, M E R Silva1, D M Rocha1 & R F Santos1

1Laboratório de Investigação Medica – LIM-18, Disciplina de Endocrinologia e Metabologia, Hospital das Clinicas da Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade de São Paulo, São Paulo, SP, Brazil; 2Universidade Comunitária Regional de Chapecó-UNOCHAPECÓ, Chapeco, SC, Brazil.

Aims/hypothesis: Several data have shown the association between diabetes type 2 (DM2) and transcription factor 7-like 2 (TCF7L2) gene polymorphisms, in several and different ethnical populations. Although the pathophysiology is not completely clear, it seems that beta and alpha cell functions are abnormal. Up to these days there is no clinical data showing association between TCF7L2 gene polymorphism allele rs7903146 T and beta cell insulin and C-peptide contents in DM2 patients.

Methods: The present study evaluated the association of rs7903146 TT genotype (high risk) and rs7903146 CC genotype (low risk) with fasting plasma glucose (G), insulin (IN), C-peptide (C-Ppt), in DM2 patients carriers of TCF7L2 gene polymorphisms. Population characteristics: age (58±5) years; BMI (29±3) kg/m2, gender (80 F/50 M).The genetic analysis by ABI-TaqMan genotyping assays. Statistics (Kruskal–Wallis one way ANOVA).

Results: According to rs7903146 genotypes, the wild type (CC) was present in 43% and the risk-conferring genotypes (CT e TT) were present in 47.1 and 9.9% respectively. The results between groups TT×CT×CC were respectively: glucose (mmol/l) (6.35±1.16×6.88±1.66×7.00±1.22) NS; C-peptide (ng/ml) (2.5±0.2×2.6±0.6×3.6±0.9) P<0.04) insulin (μIU/ml) (8.75±13×11.65±7×10.95±6.9) NS.

Conclusion: C-peptide plasma concentration was lower in DM2 patients carriers of TCF7L2 gene polymorphism rs7903146 TT genotype. There were no differences on insulin and glucose plasma concentrations among no-risk (CC), medium-risk (CT) and high risk (TT) DM2 carriers.

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