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Molecular mechanisms of differentiated thyroid cancer

40 years of male hormonal contraception research and no product

Absolute fracture risk assessment with FRAX

The gut nutrient sensing in energy metabolism

Transition from paediatric to adult care - do we have progress?

Subclinical adrenal diseases

Hormones, metabolism and cancer: more than coincidences?

Global phenotypes of endocrine disease

The risk and benefits of tight glycaemic control

Thyroid: From fetal life to adulthood

Novel genetic and endocrine insights in the Klinefelter's syndrome

Determinants of peak bone mass

Novel therapies for protecting beta cell function at diagnosis of type 1 diabetes

Wnt/Beta-catenin in pituitary development and disease

Adrenal cancer

Understanding growth

Hormonal control of pregnancy

Molecular mechanisms in autoimmune thyroid disease

Controversies in testosterone replacement

Signalling to and from osteoclast

Obesity and reproduction

Pituitary tumorigenesis

Advances in regulation of aldosterone synthesis

ManagemDiabetes in children

Reproductive hormone action

TSH Receptor

Are endogenous testosterone levels predictors of cardiovascular events?

Osteoporosis treatment in 2012 and beyond

Are we ready for novel therapies in obesity?

New developments in pituitary adenomas

Progress in treatment in primary aldosteronism

Disorders of sex development (DSD)

Pollution Related Acromegaly

Effects of thyroid hormone derivatives

Endocrinology and the Olympics: Will hormones help to win?

Bone and metabolism

Diabetes and cancer

Craniopharyngioma: Hypothalamic complications

Adrenal insufficiency

New familial endocrine cancer syndromes: pathophysiology and counselling

The endocrinology of adipose tissue

Novel insights into regulation of puberty

Graves' orbitopathy (GO)

Genome wide studies in reproduction

Bone quality and bone strength

Chronic inflammation and insulin resistance

Cushing's syndrome

Pathogenesis of primary aldosteronism

Genetic breakthroughs in reproductive pathology and physiology

Circadian regulation of metabolism

Recent management of pheochromocytoma/paraganglioma syndrome

Thyroid & Pregnancy

Genetic polymorphism in reproduction

Vitamin D

The fatty liver as an endocrine disease

Pituitary development transcription factors: stem cells and beyond

What's new in congenital adrenal hyperplasia (CAH)?

Best Clinical Practice

Obesity and thyroid function

Performance enhancing hormones in sports

New insights in thyroid cancer diagnosis

Early Development and Treatment of PCOS

Emerging ideas about phosphate metabolism

Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress, Obesity and Metabolic Homeostasis

Somatostatin receptors in pituitary

HPA axis, stress metabolism and adaptation

Central regulation of energy homeostasis

European network for the study of adrenal tumours (ENSAT)

Current progress in the management of thyroid cancer

Young Active Researchers Symposium (YAR)

Endocrine Nurse Symposium

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Poster Presentations

Adrenal cortex

Adrenal medulla

Bone &amp; Osteoporosis

Calcium &amp; Vitamin D metabolism

Cardiovascular Endocrinology and Lipid Metabolism

Clinical case reports - Pituitary/Adrenal

Clinical case reports - Thyroid/Others

Developmental endocrinology


Endocrine Disruptors

Endocrine tumours and neoplasia

Female Reproduction

Growth hormone IGF axis - basic

Male Reproduction


Nuclear receptors and Signal transduction


Paediatric endocrinology

Pituitary – Basic

Pituitary – Clinical

Steroid metabolism + action

Thyroid (non-cancer)

Thyroid cancer