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Endocrine Abstracts (2014) 35 P892 | DOI: 10.1530/endoabs.35.P892

1Parhon Institute, Bucharest, Romania; 2Davila UMPh, Bucharest, Romania; 3Babes Center, Bucharest, Romania; 4SCM Povernei, Bucharest, Romania.

Introduction: The pituitary tumors which are considered pituitary incidentalomas are accidentally discovered at pituitary scan and they associate a lack of pituitary hyper-secretion. Opposite to what generally are considered for adrenal incidentalomas, the pituitary incidentalomas are more frequent with years of life.

Aim: We analyzed the incidentaloma sizes related to decades of age.

Material and method: This is a retrospective study in patients confirmed with pituitary incidentalomas at baseline and follow-up. They were all admitted for different motives at C.I.Parhon National Institute of Endocrinology, Bucharest, Romania. The inclusion criteria were tumors of maximum 1.1 cm at baseline, and confirmed non-secreting profile.

Results: 266 patients were analyzed. The decades analyze was the following. Decade 1 (between 11 and 20 years) included 20 patients (15 women and five men) with mean diameters: 0.55±0.21 cm, and 0.4±0.15 cm. Decade 2 (between 21 and 30 years) included 44 patients (41 women and three men) with mean diameters of 0.6±0.29 cm, and 0.39±0.11 cm. Decade 3 (between 31 and 40 years) included 69 patients (65 women and four men) with mean diametes of 0.56±0.41 cm, and 0.2±0.1 cm. Decade 4 (between 41 and 50 years) included 58 patients (women:men ratio=57/1) with average diameters of 0.56±0.3 cm, and 0.26±0.12 cm. Decade 5 (between 51 and 60 years) included 53 patients (49 women and four men) with diameters of 0.53±0.36 cm, respective 0.16±0.1 cm. Decade 6 (between 61 and 70 years) included 22 patients (19 women and three men) with diameters of 0.64±0.4 cm, and 0.47±0.38 cm.

Discussion: These observations are related to the baseline tumor features, not with the size dynamic during the years.

Conclusion: Based on these observations, the average diameters of pituitary incidentalomas vary along the decades represented by age at diagnosis in years.

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