Prize Lectures and Biographical Notes

The European Journal of Endocrinology Prize Lecture

The Geoffrey Harris Prize Lecture

Plenary Lectures

PI 3-Kinase: connecting diabetes, obesity and cancer


European Hormone Medal Lecture: Obesity and insulin resistance: Lessons from human genetics


The genomics of adrenocortical tumors


Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia (CAH): Mechanisms and management across the life span


Insulin signalling and action


Initiative for Science in Europe (ISE) – how can we lobby so that Europe listens?


Obesity and the skeleton


From base change to better care in diabetes



Glucocorticoid action in health and disease

Management of type 2 diabetes: State of the art

Non-classical causes of hypopituitarism (<emphasis role="italic">Endorsed by Endocrine Connections</emphasis>)

Thyroid hormone and cardiovascular system

Endocrinology of ageing men

Beyond Phosphorus: multiple actions of FGF23

Novel mechanisms of central weight regulation

The endocrine gut (<emphasis role="italic">Endorsed by Endocrine Connections</emphasis>)

Steroid hormone action in target tissues

Thyroid and autoimmunity

Hot topics and IESP symposia

Advances in phaeochromocytoma diagnosis and management (<emphasis role="italic">Endorsed by the European Journal of Endocrinology</emphasis>)

New concepts in Vitamin D research

Adipose tissue as an endocrine organ (<emphasis role="italic">Endorsed by Endocrine Connections</emphasis>)

Puberty: new mechanisms

Pathogenesis of adrenocortical tumours

Diabetes and bone (<emphasis role="italic">Endorsed by the European Journal of Endocrinology</emphasis>)

New genetics of pituitary tumours (<emphasis role="italic">Endorsed by the European Journal of Endocrinology</emphasis>)

Metabolic dysfunction in PCOS

Endocrine consequences of childhood cancer treatment

Thyroid hormone in pregnancy

Beta cell biology

Adrenal insufficiency: advances in diagnostics and therapy (<emphasis role="italic">Endorsed by the European Journal of Endocrinology</emphasis>)

Androgens and disease progression in prostate cancer

Challenges in pituitary tumours

Towards the bionic pancreas: will the journey end?

Thyroid cancer: new development in diagnosis and treatment (<emphasis role="italic">Endorsed by the European Journal of Endocrinology</emphasis>)

Hormones and immunity in pregnancy

Management of endocrine transition


How to manage hyponatraemia according to guidelines?

Meet the Expert Sessions

Educational Workshop

Practical publishing advice

European Young Endocrinologists

Sex, drugs and rocking hormones

Endocrine Nursing

The journey of the patient with obesity: multidisciplinary care approach

Professional development, poster presentations and networking

Meet the Nurse Expert

Oral Communications

Adrenal 1


Calcium, vitamin D and bone


Steroids, developmental and paediatric endocrinology


Neuroendocrinology and pituitary-basic

Endocrine tumours

Adrenal 2

Nuclear receptors and signalling


Pituitary – Clinical

Guided Posters





Developmental and paediatric endocrinology

Reproduction: Female and PCOS

Reproduction: Female and other

Reproduction: Male and endocrine disruptors

Nuclear receptors and signalling

Calcium, Vitamin D and Bone

Calcium, Vitamin D and Bone

Diabetes and obesity – Translational diabetes

Diabetes and obesity – Translational cardiovascular and obesity

Diabetes and obesity – Clinical diabetes

Diabetes and obesity – basic

Diabetes and obesity–Clinical obesity and cardiovascular

Pituitary–Neuroendocrinology and central salt regulation

Pituitary–Basic and IGF-1


Pituitary – Hypopituitarism

Pituitary – Diagnosis of Cushing's disease

Pituitary–Therapy of Cushing's disease

Thyroid – diagnosis


Thyroid – nodule

Thyroid – hypothyroidism

Thyroid – hyperthyroidism and treatment

Endocrine tumours and neoplasia – NETS

Endocrine tumours and neoplasia – Adrenal Tumour

Endocrine tumours and neoplasia – General

Eposter Presentations

Adrenal cortex

Steroids, development and paediatric endocrinology

Reproduction, endocrine disruptors and signalling

Calcium and Vitamin D metabolism

Diabetes (pathiophysiology &amp; epitemiology)

Diabetes (complications &amp; therapy)

Obesity and cardiovascular endocrinology

Pituitary: basic and neuroendocrinology

Pituitary: clinical

Thyroid cancer

Thyroid (non-cancer)

Endocrine tumours

Clinical Cases–Pituitary/Adrenal

Clinical Cases–Thyroid/Other

Endocrine nursing