Endocrine Abstracts (2017) 49 EP107 | DOI: 10.1530/endoabs.49.EP107

Unexplained resistant hypertension in a young male with recurrent transient ischemic attacks, resembling endocrine hypertension

Ana Delia Santana Suárez1, Manuel Nivelo-Rivadeneira1, Agnieszka Kuzior1, Sara Quintana Arroyo1, Carmen Acosta Calero1, Claudia Arnás León1, Esperanza Perdomo Herrera2 & Francisco Javier Martínez Martín3

1Endocrinology Department, University Hospital Dr Negrin, Las Palmas, Spain; 2Primary Care Center of Escaleritas, Las Palmas, Spain; 3Outpatient Hypertension Clinic, University Hospital Dr Negrin, Las Palmas, Spain.

A 27-year-old male without relevant familial or personal history had three TIAs in the last year, lasting for about 20 min with partial right palsy and aphasia. By the time he was cared for in the Emergency Department. he had already recovered; his lab tests, chest X-ray and EKG were normal but his BP was high (PAS 170–190 mmHg, PAD 105–120 mmHg). He had no chest pain, headache or neurovegetative symptoms. On discharge the patient was treated with manidipine and ASA and referred to the Neurology Clinic and to our Hypertension Clinic for phaeochromocitoma/paraganglioma screening and diagnostic workup.