Endocrine Abstracts (2017) 49 EP778 | DOI: 10.1530/endoabs.49.EP778

The comparison of cardiovascular events in kidney transplant recipients with and without type 2 diabetes mellitus

Alparslan Ersoy1 & Canan Ersoy2

1Department of Nephrology, Uludag University Medical Faculty, Bursa, Turkey; 2Uludag University Medical Faculty, Endocrinology and Metabolism, Bursa, Turkey.

Diabetes melliuts (DM) presents particular challenges after kidney transplant (KT). These challenges contribute to cardiovascular disesases among diabetic recipients. We assessed frequency of posttransplant cardiovascular events in diabetic patients.

Methods: This retrospective study conducted in 399 kidney recipients at our center. The patients were divided into two groups: DM (n:59, 52.5% females) and non-DM (n:340, 46.5% females).

Results: The median KT duration was 4 years. The median age and BMI of DM group were higher than those of non-DM group (51 vs 42 years and 28.6 vs 25.8 kg/m2, respectively, P<0.001). The mean creatinine levels of both groups were similar. Hypertension (76.3 vs 62.4%, P=0.04), coronary artery disease (15.3 vs 4.1%, P=0.001), obesity (39.7 vs 20.9%, P=0.007) and dyslipidemia (32.3 vs 15.4%, P=0.002) co-morbidities in DM were more frequent than those of non-DM groups. There was no significant difference between the ratios of myocardial infarction (3.4 vs 2.6%), cardiac arrhythmia (3.4 vs 9.4%), congestive heart failure (3.4 vs 1.2%), stroke (1.7 vs 0.6%), transient ischemic attack (1.7 vs 4.1%) and peripheral vascular disease (3.4 vs 0.6%) in DM and non-DM groups. The ratio of patients underwent angioplasty was higher than that of non-DM group (23.7 vs 12.1%, P=0.016) while the ratios of patients underwent coronary stenting (1.7 vs 1.8%) and coronary by-pass operation (3.4 vs 1.2%) were similar. The graft loss and mortality rates in DM and non-DM groups did not differ (5.1 vs 5.6% and 5.1 vs 1.8%, respectively).

Conclusion: We observed that there was no difference in new cardiovascular events, graft loss and mortality between recipients with or without DM after KT.

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