Society for Endocrinology BES 2017

Plenary Lectures

Society for Endocrinology International Medal Lecture


Clinical Endocrinology Trust Lecture


Society for Endocrinology Transatlantic Medal Lecture


Society for Endocrinology Starling Medal Lecture


Society for Endocrinology Dale Medal Lecture


Society for Endocrinology European Medal Lecture


Clinical Endocrinology Trust Visiting Professor Lecture


British Thyroid Association Pitt-Rivers Lecture


Society for Endocrinology Medal Lecture


Society for Endocrinology Jubilee Lecture


Society for Endocinology Journal Awards

Society for Endocrinology Journal Award - Journal of Endocrinology


Society for Endocrinology Journal Award - Journal of Molecular Endocrinology


Society for Endocrinology Journal Award - Endocrine-Related Cancer


Society for Endocrinology Journal Award - Clinical Endocrinology



Steroids and the Skeleton

S1.1 S1.2 S1.3

When receptors go rogue

S2.1 S2.2 S2.3

Fat and Fertility

S3.1 S3.2 S3.3

Pituitary disease in adolescents

S4.1 S4.2 S4.3

Beyond paragangliomas

S5.1 S5.2 S5.3

Sex hormones through the ages

S6.1 S6.2 S6.3

Taking a risk on love - the endocrinology of behaviour

S7.1 S7.2 S7.3

Adrenal - in health and disease

S8.1 S8.2 S8.3

Obesity for the Endocrinologist

S9.1 S9.2 S9.3

Thyroid cancer- whats hot whats not

S10.1 S10.2 S10.3

New developments in adrenal hypertension

S11.1 S11.2 S11.3

Early Career Symposia

Alternative career pathways

EC1.1 EC1.2 EC1.3 EC1.4 EC1.5

Clinical Management Workshops

Workshop 1: Collateral damage of cancer treatment

CMW1.1 CMW1.2 CMW1.3

Workshop 2: Hyper and Hypocalcaemia

CMW2.1 CMW2.2 CMW2.3

Workshop 3: How do I. . . (1)

CMW3.1 CMW3.2 CMW3.3 CMW3.4 CMW3.5 CMW3.6

Workshop 4: Graves orbitopathy: a Thyronet/ TEAMED

CMW4.1 CMW4.2

Workshop 5: How do I. . . (2)

CMW5.1 CMW5.2 CMW5.3 CMW5.4 CMW5.5 CMW5.6

Applied Physiology Workshop

Tissue Engineering for Regenerative Medicine in Endocrinology

APW1.1 APW1.2 APW1.3

Early Career Prize Lecturese

ECP1.1 ECP1.2

Meet the Expert Sessions

Pitfalls of testosterone replacement in ment


Metabolomics and Diet


Autonomous cortisol secretion


The time is right


Opiate induced endocrinopathy


What can next generation sequencing do for you


Growth hormone replacement across the ages


Highlighting management of hyperthyroidism in pregnancy



Skills 1: How to engage with the media

SK1.1 SK1.2 SK1.3


Futures 1: Your future in endocrinology and diabetes

FUT1.1 FUT1.2 FUT1.3

Futures 2: Consultant careers - Escape options

FUT2.1 FUT2.2 FUT2.3

Master Class

Masterclass 1: Bone Masterclass

MC1.1 MC1.2

Masterclass 2: Delivery of specialist endocrine care

MC2.1 MC2.2 MC2.3 MC2.4


This house believes that the UK population trend in obesity cannot be reversed without food taxation

D1.1 D1.2

Nurse Session

Nurse Session 1: Cushings disease

N1.1 N1.2 N1.3

Nurse Session 2: Diabetes Insipidus

N2.1 N2.2 N2.3

Senior Endocrinologists Session

SE1.1 SE1.2 SE1.3 SE1.4

Oral Communications

Early Career Oral Communications

OC1.1 OC1.2 OC1.3 OC1.4 OC1.5 OC1.6

Clinical Highlights

OC2.1 OC2.2 OC2.3 OC2.4 OC2.5 OC2.6

Obesity, Diabetes Thyroid

OC3.1 OC3.2 OC3.3 OC3.4 OC3.5 OC3.6

Adrenal and Steroids

OC4.1 OC4.2 OC4.3 OC4.4 OC4.5 OC4.6

Reproduction and Neuroendocrinology

OC5.1 OC5.2 OC5.3 OC5.4 OC5.5 OC5.6

Bone, Calcium and Neoplasia

OC6.1 OC6.2 OC6.3 OC6.4 OC6.5 OC6.6

Poster Presentations

Adrenal and Steroids

P001 P002 P003 P004 P005 P006 P007 P008 P009 P010 P011 P012 P013 P014 P015 P016 P018 P019 P020 P021 P022 P023 P024 P025 P026 P027 P028 P029 P030 P031 P032 P033 P034

Bone and Calcium

P041 P042 P043 P044 P045 P046 P047 P048 P049 P050 P051 P052 P053 P054 P055 P056 P057 P058 P059 P060 P061 P062 P063 P064 P065 P066 P067

Clinical Biochemistry

P181 P182 P183 P184 P185 P186 P187 P188 P189 P190 P191 P193 P194

Diabetes and Cardiovascular

P201 P202 P203 P204 P205 P206 P207 P208 P209 P210 P211 P212 P213 P214 P215 P216 P217 P218 P219 P220 P221 P222 P223 P224 P225 P226 P227 P228 P229 P230 P231 P232 P233 P234

Neoplasia, Cancer and Late Effects

P241 P242 P243 P244 P245 P246 P247 P248 P249 P250 P251 P252 P253 P254 P256

Neuroendocrinology and Pituitary

P261 P262 P263 P264 P265 P266 P267 P268 P269 P270 P271 P272 P273 P274 P275 P276 P277 P278 P279 P280 P281 P282 P283 P284 P285 P286 P287 P288 P289 P290 P291 P292 P293 P294 P295 P296 P297 P298 P299 P300 P301 P302

Nursing Practice

P311 P312 P313 P314

Obesity and Metabolism

P315 P316 P317 P318 P319 P320 P321 P322 P323 P324 P325 P326 P327 P328 P329 P330 P331 P332 P333 P334 P335 P336 P337 P338 P339 P340 P341 P342 P343 P344 P345


P351 P352 P353 P354 P355 P356 P357 P358 P359 P360 P361 P362 P363 P364 P365 P366 P367 P368 P369 P370 P371 P372 P373 P374


P381 P382 P383 P384 P385 P386 P387 P388 P389 P390 P391 P392 P393 P394 P395 P396 P397 P398 P399 P400 P401 P402 P403 P404 P405 P406 P407 P408 P409 P410 P411 P412 P413 P414 P415 P416 P417 P418

ePoster Presentations

Adrenal and Steroids

EP002 EP003 EP004 EP005 EP006 EP007 EP008 EP009 EP010 EP011 EP012 EP013 EP014 EP015 EP016 EP017 EP018 EP019 EP020 EP021 EP022

Bone and Calcium

EP023 EP024 EP025 EP026 EP027 EP028 EP029 EP030 EP031 EP032 EP033 EP034 EP035 EP036 EP037 EP038 EP039 EP040

Clinical Biochemistry

EP041 EP042 EP043 EP044 EP045 EP046 EP047 EP048 EP049 EP050 EP051

Diabetes and Cardiovascular

EP053 EP054 EP055

Neoplasia, Cancer and Late Effects

EP057 EP058 EP059 EP060 EP061 EP062 EP063 EP064

Neuroendocrinology and Pituitary

EP065 EP066 EP067 EP069 EP070 EP071 EP072 EP073 EP074 EP075 EP076 EP077 EP078 EP079 EP080 EP081 EP082 EP083 EP084 EP085 EP086 EP087 EP088

Obesity and Metabolism

EP090 EP091 EP092 EP093


EP094 EP095 EP096 EP097 EP098 EP099


EP100 EP102 EP103 EP104 EP105 EP106 EP107 EP108 EP109 EP110 EP111 EP112 EP113 EP114

Featured Clinical Cases

Featured Clinical Cases

CC01 CC02 CC03 CC04 CC05 CC06 CC07 CC08 CC09 CC10