Endocrine Abstracts (2018) 56 EP91 | DOI: 10.1530/endoabs.56.EP91

Selfie driven thyroid disease leads (SET): a study on a unique phenomenon from Surgical Endocrinology Department

Ramakanth Bhargav Panchangam1, Chakrapani B2, Ramesh B3, Rajesh B3, Venkateshwara Reddy M3, Vignesh D3, Vimala Devi N1 & Gayathri G3

1Endocare Hospital, Vijayawada, India; 2Neuro Hospital, Vijayawada, India; 3VMC, Kurnool, India.

Introduction: Taking a photograph of self alone or with a group called Selfie, has become modern day rage with spurt in smart phone technology. It has catapulted from a hobby in to psychiatric ailment, especially amongst teens and young adults. Though, it is considered as a psychiatric aberration keeping them aloof from social interactions, we observed an inadvertent advantage in this habit. In this context, we present some intriguing findings through this study.

Material and methods: This retrospective study was based on compilation of 6 cases from endocrine surgery outpatient and inpatient database collected over 2 years period. The inclusion criteria are – the chief complaint (CC) was noted only after watching the selfie picture and not otherwise; the patient is obsessive of taking frequent selfie photographs and/ or uploads their pictures frequently in social media (≥3 pictures/day); the CC lead them to consult physician; the picture was captured by oneself or other person who was part of that image; the CC lead to definitive diagnosis of thyroid disease requiring treatment. All other clinical, investigative and treatment (medical and surgical) were studied.

Results: In all we had 6/5520 (0.0011%) cases meeting the above criteria. CC and later confirmed in pictures were three cases of Grave’s disease associated ophthalmopathic exophthalmos, two cases of goiter and one case of facial puffiness (myxoedema related). All these CC helped in diagnosing Graves’ disease (3), Nodular goiter (2) and hypothyroidism confirmed by appropriate investigations. 4 cases underwent thyroidectomy, two cases took conservative medical treatment.

Conclusions: Though selfie is considered as a modern day life style induced psychiatric disease, sometimes it can help in picking up endocrine diseases in earlier stages.

Keywords: Thyroid; Exophthalmos; Goiter; Selfie, Endocrine

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