Society for Endocrinology BES 2018

Plenary Lectures

Society for Endocrinology International Medal Lecture


Society for Endocrinology Starling Medal Lecture


Society for Endocrinology Medal Lecture


Society for Endocrinology Transatlantic Medal Lecture


Clinical Endocrinology Trust Visiting Professor Lecture


Clinical Endocrinology Trust Lecture


British Thyroid Association Pitt-Rivers Lecture


Society for Endocrinology Dale Medal Lecture


Society for Endocrinology European Medal Lecture


Society for Endocrinology Jubilee Lecture


Society for Endocrinology Journal Awards

Society for Endocrinology Journal Award – Journal of Endocrinology


Society for Endocrinology Journal Award – Journal of Molecular Endocrinology


Society for Endocrinology Journal Award – Endocrine-Related Cancer


Society for Endocrinology Journal Award – Clinical Endocrinology



Curing diabetes

S1.1 S1.2 S1.3

Big data and bone disease

S2.1 S2.2 S2.3

Horizons in adrenal medicine

S3.1 S3.2 S3.3

New treatments for bone disorders

S4.1 S4.2 S4.3

Breast cancer

S5.1 S5.2 S5.3

The most important nine months; impact of maternal health

S6.1 S6.2 S6.3

The microbiome in endocrine disease

S7.1 S7.2 S7.3

Thyroid in pregnancy

S8.1 S8.2 S8.3

Introduction and prevention of gonadal function

S9.1 S9.2 S9.3

Pancreatic NETs – an update

S10.1 S10.2 S10.3

Early Career Symposia

Navigating the academic

EC2.1 EC2.2 EC2.3 EC2.4 EC2.5

Clinical Management Workshops

Workshop 1: Aggressive pituitary tumours

CMW1.1 CMW1.2 CMW1.3

Workshop 2: Endocrine emergencies

CMW2.1 CMW2.2 CMW2.3

Workshop 3: How do I. . . (1)

CMW3.1 CMW3.2 CMW3.3 CMW3.4 CMW3.5 CMW3.6

Workshop 4: Treating troublesome menopausal symptoms

CMW4.1 CMW4.2 CMW4.3

Workshop 5: How do I. . . (2)

CMW5.1 CMW5.2 CMW5.3 CMW5.4 CMW5.5 CMW5.6


GPCRS: hotspots and complexes

APW1.1 APW1.2 APW1.3

Metabolites as hormones

APW2.1 APW2.2 APW2.3

Early Career Prize Lectures

ECP1.1 ECP1.2

Meet the Expert Sessions

What the endocrinologist needs to know about genetics


GC metabolic health


Biochemistry masterclass

MTE3.1 MTE3.2 MTE3.3

Brown adipose tissue


Non-surgical management of incurable thyroid cancer


Gender dysphoria


A year in thyroid


Circulating tumour cells in NETS


Pituitary ion channel activity in health and disease


Service Improvements

MTE10.1 MTE10.2 MTE10.3


Skills 1: Presentation skills

SK1.1 SK1.2 SK1.3 SK1.4 SK1.5

Skills 2: How do I pass the SCE


Master Class

Masterclass 1: PCOS

MC1.1 MC1.2


This house believes that the gut is the conductor of the endocrine orchestra

D1.1 D1.2

Nurse Session

Nurse Session 1: Pituitary adenomas; beyond surgery

N1.1 N1.2 N1.3 N1.4

Nurse Session 2: Adrenal crisis & steroid education; raising the safety bar

N2.1 N2.2 N2.3a N2.3b

Senior Endocrinologists Session

SE1.1 SE1.2 SE1.3

Oral Communications

Translational highlights

OC1.1 OC1.2 OC1.3 OC1.4 OC1.5 OC1.6

The best of the best

OC2.1 OC2.2 OC2.3 OC2.4 OC2.5 OC2.6

Obesity & diabetes

OC3.1 OC3.2 OC3.3 OC3.4 OC3.5 OC3.6

Clinical highlights

OC4.1 OC4.2 OC4.3 OC4.4 OC4.5 OC4.6


OC5.1 OC5.2 OC5.3 OC5.4 OC5.5 OC5.6

Neuroendocrinology and Reproduction

OC6.1 OC6.2 OC6.3 OC6.4 OC6.5 OC6.6

Poster Presentations

Adrenal and steroids

P001 P002 P003 P004 P005 P006 P007 P008 P009 P010 P011 P012 P013 P014 P015 P016 P017 P018 P019 P020 P021 P022 P023 P024 P025 P026 P027 P028 P029 P030 P031 P032 P033 P034 P035 P036 P037 P038

Bone and calcium

P039 P040 P041 P042 P043 P044 P045 P046 P047 P048 P049 P050 P051 P052 P053 P054 P055

Clinical biochemistry

P056 P057 P058 P059 P060 P061 P062 P063 P064 P065

Clinical practice, governance & case reports

P066 P067 P068 P069 P070 P071 P072 P073 P074 P075 P076 P077 P078 P079 P080 P081 P082 P083

Diabetes & cardiovascular

P084 P085 P086 P087 P088 P089 P090 P091 P092 P093 P094 P095 P096 P097 P098 P099 P100 P101 P102 P103 P104 P105 P106 P107 P108 P109 P110

Neoplasia, cancer & late effects

P111 P112 P113 P114 P115 P116 P117 P118 P119 P120 P121 P122 P123

Neuroendocrinology and pituitary

P124 P125 P126 P127 P128 P129 P130 P131 P132 P133 P134 P135 P136 P137 P138 P139 P140 P141 P142 P143 P144 P145 P146 P147 P148

Nursing practice

P149 P150 P151 P152

Obesity & metabolism

P153 P154 P155 P156 P157 P158 P159 P160 P161 P162 P163 P164 P165 P166 P167 P168 P169 P170 P171 P172 P173 P174 P175 P176


P177 P178 P179 P180 P181 P182 P183 P184 P185 P186 P187 P188 P189 P190 P191 P192 P193 P194 P195 P196 P197 P198 P199


P200 P201 P202 P203 P204 P205 P206 P207 P208 P209 P210 P211 P212 P213 P214 P215 P216 P217 P218 P219 P220 P221 P222 P223 P224 P225

ePoster Presentations

Adrenal and steroids

EP1 EP2 EP3 EP4 EP5 EP6 EP7 EP8 EP9 EP10 EP11 EP12 EP13 EP14 EP15 EP16 EP17 EP18 EP19

Bone and calcium

EP20 EP21 EP22 EP23 EP24 EP25 EP26 EP27 EP28 EP29 EP30 EP31 EP32 EP33 EP34 EP35 EP36

Clinical biochemistry

EP37 EP38 EP39 EP40

Clinical practice, governance & case reports

EP41 EP42 EP43 EP44 EP45 EP46 EP47 EP48 EP49 EP50 EP51 EP52 EP53 EP54 EP55 EP56 EP57 EP58 EP59 EP60 EP61 EP62

Diabetes & cadiovascular

EP63 EP64 EP65

Neoplasia, cancer & late effects

EP66 EP67 EP68 EP69 EP70

Neuroendocrinology and pituitary

EP71 EP72 EP73 EP74 EP75 EP76 EP77 EP78 EP79 EP80 EP81 EP82 EP83 EP84 EP85 EP86 EP87


EP88 EP89 EP90 EP91 EP92 EP93 EP94 EP95 EP96


EP97 EP98 EP99 EP100 EP101 EP102 EP103 EP104 EP105 EP106 EP107 EP108 EP109 EP110 EP111 EP112 EP113 EP114 EP115 EP116 EP117 EP118 EP119

Featured Clinical Cases

Featured Clinical Cases

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