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ea0012p19 | Clinical case reports/Governance | SFE2006

Raised alpha-subunit does not always predict gonadotrophinoma in secondary hypergonadism

Adjene AO , Sharfi MO , Panahloo AA , Seal LJ

We report the case of a seventy year-old type 2 diabetic man presenting with a fifteen year history of erectile dysfunction. He had micro- and macrovascular complications of diabetes and liver cirrhosis secondary to Hepatitis C infection. Investigations showed a high total testosterone of 32.3 nmol/l, raised SHBG at 127 nmol/l with elevated LH 20.4 IU/l and FSH 14.9 IU/l. Initial calculated free testosterone was 281 pmol/l with a bioavailable testosterone of 1.67 nmol/l, both ...

ea0012p24 | Clinical case reports/Governance | SFE2006

Perforated duodenal ulcer may predict disease progression in subclinical Cushing’s syndrome

Sharfi MO , Adjene AO , Sharma A , Panahloo AA , Seal LJ

Subclinical CushingÂ’s syndrome (CS) has not been adequately characterised and the natural history is unknown. We report two cases of subclinical CS that presented as perforated duodenal ulcers (DU) and in both cases the disease rapidly progressed to overt CS.Case 1A 60-year-old women presented with perforated DU requiring laparotomy and repair. Abdominal CT scanning demonstrated a right adrenal mass 4.2 cm. There were no clini...