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ea0034p152 | Clinical practice/governance and case reports | SFEBES2014

Cushing's disease with hepatic adrenal rests

Border Daniel , Aftab Saboor , Pelluri Lavanya , Barber Thomas , Randeva Harpal

We present the case of a 58-year-old woman who presented 30 years ago. She was noted to have abdominal obesity, moon-face and skin bruising/thinning, as well as hypertension. Serum cortisol was elevated and she was presumed to have CushingÂ’s disease (although we have no record of dynamic tests or imaging from the time of her original presentation). Owing to her desire for future fertility, she underwent bilateral adrenalectomy at the age of 31 years. She received hydrocor...

ea0031p126 | Clinical practice/governance and case reports | SFEBES2013

Title: A case of primary hypoadrenalism secondary to amyloidosis

Watkins John , Verran Alice , Aftab Saboor , Randeva Harpal , Barber Tom , Reddy Narendra

Introduction: Endocrinopathy is frequently seen in systemic amyloidosis and commonly involves thyroid and gonads. We report a case of primary adrenal failure secondary to systemic light chain amyloidosis (AL), involving kidney, liver, spleen, gut, nerves and tongue.Case: A 42-year-old Somalian lady presented with 2-year history of lethargy, febrile episodes and 21 kg weight loss. Investigations showed increase in serum lambda light chain 103 mg/l (5.7&#1...

ea0031p13 | Bone | SFEBES2013

Identification of a novel heterozygous mutation in exon 50 of the COL1A1 gene manifesting clinically as osteogenesis imperfecta

Owen Nina , Reddy Narendra , Aftab Saboor AS , Harte Alison L , McTernan Philip G , Tripathi Gyanendra , Barber Thomas M

Introduction: Osteogenesis imperfecta (OI) is a rare, heterogeneous, genetic connective tissue disorder that manifests clinically as bone fragility, brittleness and growth disorder. Effective diagnosis is important (although often challenging) to enable institution of early and effective multidisciplinary management.The case: A 19-year-old woman was referred to the Endocrine clinic at the Warwickshire Institute for the Study of Diabetes, Endocrinology an...

ea0031p77 | Clinical practice/governance and case reports | SFEBES2013

A case of dry beriberi following bariatric surgery

Verran Alice , Watkins John , Reddy Narendra , Barber Tom , Piya Milan , Randeva Harpal , Kumar Sudhesh , Aftab Saboor , Sankar Sailesh

Introduction: Over 9000 bariatric surgeries are conducted annually in the UK and post-operative micronutrient deficiency is common. We report a case of dry beriberi secondary to thiamine deficiency following Roux-en-Y bypass surgery.Case presentationA 45-year-old Caucasian obese lady (155 kg, BMI 57) presented with progressive proximal limb weakness, upper and lower limb paraesthesia, ataxia and athetoid tremors 18 months following...

ea0031p219 | Obesity, diabetes, metabolism and cardiovascular | SFEBES2013

Eating more quickly heightens overall systemic exposure to glucose and NEFA in the post-prandial phase, irrespective of energy expenditure in obese women

Reddy Narendra , Peng Chen , Piya Milan K , Aftab Saboor A S , Campbell Alison , Hattersley John , Halder Louise , Harte Alison L , Randeva Harpal , Tripathi Gyanendra , McTernan Philip G , Kumar Sudhesh , Barber Thomas M

Background/aim: The global obesity epidemic has promoted a search for novel solutions. One approach is through modification of eating-related behaviours. Our aim was to explore the effects of meal duration on energy expenditure, appetite and excursions of molecules associated with insulin sensitivity in the post-prandial phase.Methods: Normoglycaemic, pre-menopausal, Caucasian obese women (n=8) were recruited from the Obesity clinic at Warwicksh...