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ea0019p50 | Clinical practice/governance and case reports | SFEBES2009

Hypomagnesaemia and hypocalcaemia with proton-pump inhibitors: an under-recognised phenomenon

Druce MR , Thomas JDJ , Gorrigan RJ , Kelly PA , Coppack SW , Akker SA

Objectives: We describe three patients recently admitted to our institution with severe hypomagnesaemia and hypocalcaemia and a history of proton pump inhibitor (PPI) therapy.Patient 1 was admitted with lethargy, anorexia and leg cramps. Medications included a PPI (omeprazole) prescribed for gastritis. Corrected calcium was 1.54 mmol/l (2.15–2.65) and magnesium 0.25 mmol/l (0.7–1.0), with a PTH of 1.0 pmol/l (1.6–6.9) and 25-OH-vitamin D 5...

ea0019p227 | Pituitary | SFEBES2009

Effect of the d3 growth hormone receptor genotype on GH responsiveness in adult hypopituitary patients

Moyes VJ , Walker D , Owusu-Antwi S , Maher KT , Metherell L , Akker SA , Monson JP , Clark AJ , Drake WM

Objective: Variability in growth hormone (GH) responsiveness is evident in adult hypopituitary patients receiving recombinant GH (rhGH). Doses vary up to 4-fold for unexplained reasons. Deletion of exon 3 in the GH receptor (d3-GHR) has been linked to an increased response to GH treatment in children, although data are conflicting. We investigated the role of the d3-GHR polymorphism in determining GH responsiveness in adult GH deficient patients.Methods:...

ea0019oc39 | Thyroid, reproduction and endocrine tumours | SFEBES2009

Contrasting clinical manifestations of SDH-B and VHL associated chromaffin tumours

Srirangalingam U , Khoo B , Walker L , MacDonald F , Skelly RH , George E , Spooner D , Johnston L , Monson JP , Grossman AB , Akker SA , Drake WM , Pollard PJ , Plowman N , Avril N , Berney DM , Burrin JM , Reznek RH , Kumar VKA , Maher ER , Chew SL

Background: Mutations in succinate dehydrogense-B (SDH-B) or von Hippel Lindau (VHL) genes can result in chromaffin tumours.Objective: To compare the clinical phenotypes of subjects developing chromaffin tumours as a result of SDH-B or VHL mutations.Subjects: Thirty-one subjects with chromaffin tumours. Sixteen subjects had SDH-B gene mutations and 15 subjects had a diagnosis of VHL.<p ...