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ea0031p188 | Obesity, diabetes, metabolism and cardiovascular | SFEBES2013

Human abdominal subcutaneous adipocytes as an active source of LpPLA2, influenced by fat depot and metabolic state, with LpPLA2 converting LDL into more potent atherogenic Ox-LDL, in vitro

Kumsaiyai Warunee , Harte Alison , Al-Naji Fadi , Al-Daghri Nasser , Kyrou Ioannis , Barber Thomas , Sabico Shaun , Tripathi Gyanendra , McTernan Philip

Lipoprotein-associated phospholipase A2 (LpPLA2) is a member of the phospholipaseA2 super family of enzymes, and is upregulated in arterial inflammation, obesity and cardiovascular disease. The other isoforms, iPLA2 and cPLA2, appear to contribute to inflammation through production of lipid mediators. The role of PLA2 in human adipose tissue (AT) is unclear, therefore we sought to i) characterise PLA2 isoforms in lean, obese, T2DM abdominal subcutaneous (AbdSc) and omental (Om...

ea0028p177 | Obesity, diabetes, metabolism and cardiovascular | SFEBES2012

The effects of bariatric surgery on the endoplasmic reticulum stress pathway in human adipose tissue

Voyias Philip , McCarthy Ciara , Antonysunil Adaikala , Kumasaiyai Warunee , Al Naji Fadi , McGee Kirsty , Harte Alison , Saravanan Ponnusamy , Kyrou Ioannis , McTernan Philip , Tripathi Gyanendra

Background: Endoplasmic reticulum (ER) stress in adipose tissue (AT) is critical to the initiation and integration of inflammation and insulin signalling pathways in obese and type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) patients. It induces an unfolded protein response (UPR) to restore functional integrity which leads to upregulation of three master regulators of ER; PKR-like ER-regulated kinase (PERK), inositol requiring enzyme1α (IRE1α) and activating transcription factor6 (AT...