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Real medical challenges in the diagnostic of gastrinomas

Alexandra Ciobanu Oana , Tieranu Cristian , Terzea Dana , Nistor Irina , Mitrache Marius , Simona Fica

Introduction: Chronic hypergastrinemia is no longer an uncommon phenomenon. Zollinger-Ellison syndrome [ZES], chronic atrophic gastritis [CAG] type A, proton pump inhibitors [PPI] therapy, or Helicobacter pylori-induced CAG type B are causes of hypergastrinemia. Serum gastrin levels >1000 pg/ml (> 0 times the upper limit of normal) and PH gastric below 2 is the diagnostic of ZES, but two -thirds of ZES patients have serum gastrin levels below 1000 pg/ml. We present the...