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ea00100wd4.1 | Workshop D: Disorders of the adrenal gland | SFEEU2024

Follow up for primary hyperaldosteronism – how long is long enough?

Alington Katherine , Bujanova Jana

Introduction: Primary hyperaldosteronism classically presents with hypertension and hypokalaemia, though many may be normokalaemic. It is most commonly caused by bilateral adrenal hyperplasia, while 30-40% have a unilateral adenoma or nodule. Aldosterone renin ratio (ARR) is performed, with confirmatory testing if required plus adrenal CT to identify an adrenal lesion. Adrenal venous sampling (AVS) distinguishes between unilateral and bilateral disease. Unilateral adrenalectom...

ea00100p35 | Poster Presentations | SFEEU2024

A case of an adrenal incidentaloma leading to a diagnosis of pituitary cushing’s!

Harrison Georgia , Alington Katherine , Chong Jimmy

Case history: A 41-year-old female presenting with abdominal pain and melaena, was found to have a left adrenal incidentaloma on her abdominal CT. Her past medical history included polycystic ovaries, menstrual irregularity, fibromyalgia and gallstones. Medications on presentation were lansoprazole and dihydrocodeine only. On further questioning, she was experiencing hair loss, proximal muscle weakness, bruising and striae, weight changes and low mood.In...

ea0099p438 | Adrenal and Cardiovascular Endocrinology | ECE2024

A service review of phaeochromocytoma management at the regional adrenal referral centre

Aslam Hina , Alington Katherine , Al-Mrayat Ma'en , Bray Diane , Lockyer C Richard W , Bujanova Jana

Aims: The aim of this project was to conduct a service review of phaeochromocytoma management and to benchmark local practice against national guidelines and recommendations defined in the ‘Getting It Right First Time’ (GIRFT) national report.Methods: Electronic patient records were searched for patients referred to our centre, within our catchment area and from peripheral centres, with phaeochromocytoma between 2017 to February 2023. ...