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ea0019p377 | Thyroid | SFEBES2009

Management of maternal hypothyroidism in the joint antenatal endocrine clinic

Thanabalasingham G , Ma K , Allen K , Street P , Elsheikh M

Background: In the first trimester, the foetus is dependent on circulating maternal thyroid hormones for normal brain development. Maintenance of euthyroidism is important throughout pregnancy and maternal hypothyroidism is associated with adverse foetal outcomes.Aim: To audit the management of pregnancies complicated by hypothyroidism in a joint antenatal endocrine clinic in comparison with the UK guidelines from the British Thyroid Association (2006).<...

ea0015p38 | Clinical practice/governance and case reports | SFEBES2008

An endocrine e-mail GP advisory service: a potential way to reduce referrals?

Walker JN , Rourke D , Allen K , Karavitaki N , Wass JAH

Since July 2005 our centre has offered an e-mail enquiry service to General Practitioners. This service was established for two reasons, firstly to create a more efficient way of dealing with clinical enquiries from primary care and secondly with a long term objective to reduce GP referral rates. The service is manned by Endocrine/Diabetes Specialist Registrars and is part of their training commitment. Compared to telephone calls it gives the registrar more chance to think thr...