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ea0016p475 | Neuroendocrinology | ECE2008

Prolaktinoma and hyperprolactinemia in Albania

Ylli Agron , Ylli Zamira , Minga Malo , Fureraj Thanas , Husi Gerond , Xhumari Arian , Kaloshi Gentian , Alushani Merita , Lamcaj Entela , Olldashi Blertina

Background: Prolactin hyper secretion is the most common endocrine abnormality due to hypothalamic–pituitary disorders. PRL is the hormone most commonly secreted in excess by pituitary adenomas.Materials and methods: A retrospective study was performed during the period 1998–2007. The diagnose are based on objective examination, hormonal dosage, MRI.Results: During these time were diagnosed 98 cases with hyperprolactinemi...