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ea0029p1807 | Thyroid cancer | ICEECE2012

Epidemiology of refractory thyroid cancer

Ancelle D. , Dalac A. , Pochart J. , Fieffe S. , Schvartz C.

Introduction: Thyroid carcinomas (TC) are rare; the incidence in the French Marne-Ardennnes thyroid registry is 10/100.000 in 2010. The 10 year survival rate is greater than 90%. Nevertheless some TC are refractory to conventional therapy.Aim of the study: To describe frequency and clinical features of refractory TC (RTC).Patients and methods: Retrospectiv study from the database of the registry. 1427 patients with TC were diagnose...

ea0026p269 | Pituitary | ECE2011

Macroprolactinomas and pregnancy: analysis of a 38-women cohort treated by dopamine agonists

Decoudier B , Raverot G , Ancelle D , Hecart A C , Borson-Chazot F , Delemer B

Pregnancy is associated with an increased risk of tumor growth in macroprolactinoma leading to discuss surgery in such cases.Objectives: Impact of pregnancy on prolactin secretion and tumor growth in a cohort of women with macroprolactinoma, including large tumors >20 mm, and medically treated.Methods: Retrospective study of all the women with macroprolactinomas diagnosed in two university hospitals, treated by dopamine agonist...

ea0026p218 | Pituitary | ECE2011

Macroprolactinomas in 38 children and adolescents: sex differences and long-term results of medical treatment

Ancelle D A , Raverot G R , Decoudier B D , Sulmont S V , Nicolino M N , Berlier P B , Borson-Chazot F B C , Delemer B D

Objectives: Long-term results of medical treatment of macroprolactinoma in children and adolescents (<20 years).Patients and methods: Retrospective analysis of all the cases of macroprolactinoma occurring in children and adolescents, medically treated in two university centers.Results: 38 patients, 25 girls 13 boys, age at diagnosis: 15.7±2.8 years (only two cases before 12 years). At diagnosis, 2/3 presented with headache...