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ea0022p617 | Neuroendocrinology and Pituitary (<emphasis role="italic">Generously supported by Novartis</emphasis>) | ECE2010

Epidemiology of craniopharyngioma in Denmark 1985–2004: a 2% increase in incidence rate per year

Husted Nielsen Eigil , Feldt-Rasmussen Ulla , Poulsgaard Lars , Ostergaard Kristensen Lars , Astrup Jens , Otto Jorgensen Jens , Bjerre Per , Andersen Marianne , Andersen Claus , Jorgensen Jesper , Lindholm Jorgen , Laurberg Peter

Background: Craniopharyngioma may be associated with severe morbidity. Few data exist on incidence rate (IR) and possible changes with time. The epidemiology of craniopharyngioma in Denmark has never been evaluated in detail.Objectives: To review the literature on craniopharyngioma incidence and to study the epidemiology of craniopharyngioma in Denmark during a recent 20-year period.Material and methods: Publications including data...

ea0020p425 | Diabetes and Cardiovascular | ECE2009

Effects of oral contraceptives versus no treatment on glucose tolerance and patients’ satisfaction during long time follow up in 69 hirsute patients

Andries Magdalene , Glintborg Dorte , Andersen Marianne

Objective: To evaluate the long term risk for diabetes and insulin resistance in untreated and oral contraceptive (OC) treated hirsute patients.Design: Cross sectional study.Setting: Academic tertiary-care medical centre.Patients: Of 233 Caucasian hirsute women were evaluated during 1997–2002 (baseline) and re-contacted in 2003–2004. Of 159 patients returned questionnaires and 69 attended clinical e...

ea0081p311 | Diabetes, Obesity, Metabolism and Nutrition | ECE2022

Oxidative stress decreased after six months testosterone treatment compared to placebo in ageing men – a randomized, double-blind trial

Christensen Louise Lehmann , Andersen Marianne , Enghusen Poulsen Henrik , Glintborg Dorte

Background: High oxidative stress is associated with increased morbidity. The effect of testosterone treatment (TT) on oxidative stress in ageing men with reduced bioavailable testosterone is undetermined.Aim: To determine the effect of TT compared to placebo on oxidative stress biomarkers.Methods: Double-blinded, placebo-controlled study in 38 men, aged 60–78 years, with bioavailable testosterone <7.3 nmol/l and waist cir...

ea0032p750 | Obesity | ECE2013

Osteocalcin: more than a bone marker: the Odense Androgen Study

Nielsen Torben Leo , Brixen Kim , Hermann Anne Pernille , Andersen Marianne

Introduction: The osteoblast derived bone formation marker osteocalcin has been reported to decrease adipose tissue in mice. In elderly men, osteocalcin was reported to correlate inversely with fat mass.Aim: To examine the relationship between osteocalcin and regional fat depots.Method: The Odense Androgen Study is a population-based, cross-sectional study of 779 randomly selected men aged 20–29 years. Total, central, upper ex...

ea0022p463 | Female reproduction | ECE2010

Ethnic differences in manifestations of PCOS in 1010 Danish women

Glintborg Dorte , Ravn Pernille , Mumm Hanne , Andersen Marianne

Background: Clinical manifestations, metabolic risk factors and diabetes risk may differ in ethnical subgroups of women with PCOS.Material and methods: A total of 1010 premenopausal women were referred with the diagnoses hirsutism or PCOS during 1997–2008. The patients underwent clinical evaluation, hormone analyses and transvaginal ultrasound (US). Oral glucose tolerance tests (OGTT) (n=500) and ACTH tests (n=434) were performed in a ...

ea0022p672 | Obesity | ECE2010

Testosterone gel significantly increase lean body mass in ageing males with relatively low bio-available testosterone and waist circumference above 94 cm: a double blinded, randomized, placebo controlled 6 months study

Frederiksen Louise , Hougaard David M , Brixen Kim , Andersen Marianne

Background: Testosterone replacement therapy in severe hypogonadism is indicated, however, the treatment of late onset hypogonadism (LOH) is debated, especially what the diagnostic criteria should be. In LOH bio-available testosterone probably gives a more accurate index of gonadal status as a diagnostic criterion as it takes SHBG into consideration. SHBG is known to increase with ageing, however, SHBG is also negatively influenced by insulin and visceral adiposity.<p clas...

ea0020p467 | Obesity and Metabolism | ECE2009

Plasma monocyte chemoattractant protein-1 and macrophage inflammatory protein-1α are increased in patients with polycystic ovary syndrome and associated with adiposity, but unaffected by pioglitazone treatment

Glintborg Dorte , Andersen Marianne , Richelsen Bjorn , Bruun Jens

Objective: PCOS patients are often characterized by insulin resistance, abdominal obesity, and low-grade inflammation. Insulin sensitizing treatment reduces the inflammatory state, but the effect on serum levels of chemokines such as migration inhibitor factor (MIF), monocyte chemoattractant protein (MCP)-1, and macrophage inflammatory protein (MIP)-1α have not previously been evaluated in PCOS.Research design and methods: Plasma chemokine levels (M...

ea0063oc14.4 | Sex Hormones | ECE2019

Thyroid diseases in danish women with polycystic ovary syndrome

Glintborg Dorte , Hass Rubin Katrine , Nybo Mads , Abrahamsen Bo , Skovsager Andersen Marianne

Background: Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) could be associated with increased risk of thyroid disorders. Possible associations between TSH and cardio-metabolic risk in PCOS are debated.Methods: National Register-based study on women with PCOS in Denmark. 18,476 women had a diagnosis of PCOS in the Danish National Patient Register. PCOS Odense University Hospital (OUH, N=1,146) was an embedded cohort including premenopausal women with PCOS and ...

ea0063gp249 | Disturbances of Reproduction | ECE2019

Maternal 3rd trimester cortisol status was associated with offspring sex and PCOS status. Odense Child Cohort

Andersen Marianne , Jensen Richard , Schmedes Anne , Brandslund Ivan , Kyhl Henriette , Jensen Tina , Glintborg Dorte

Background: Maternal circulating cortisol and 24-h urinary free cortisol levels are up to three times higher in third trimester pregnant women compared to non-pregnant women. Maternal cortisol status could be associated with offspring sex, maternal PCOS and testosterone levels.Aims: To determine predictors of maternal serum (S) and urinary (U) cortisol and cortisone levels during 3rd trimester and to examine associations between maternal cortisol status,...

ea0049gp59 | Cardiovascular &amp; Lipid Endocrinology | ECE2017

Body composition and testosterone determined VO2max in 780 young men – results from the Odense Androgen Study

Christensen Louise Lehmann , Nielsen Torben Leo , Hermann Pernille , Glintborg Dorte , Andersen Marianne

Background: Cardiorespiratory fitness is a measure for physical activity and a prognostic health indicator. However, measurement of maximal oxygen consumption (VO2max) is not possible in clinical practice.Aim: We hypothesized that body composition and testosterone levels could be used as possible determinants of VO2max in young men.Participants and design: The Odense Androgen Study, a population-based, observational study including...