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ea0031s12.1 | Thymic function and autoimmune endocrine disease | SFEBES2013

The thymus medulla, aire and autoimmunity

Anderson Graham

A key role of the thymic medulla is to negatively select CD4+ and CD8+ thymocytes expressing potentially autoreactive αβT-cell receptors (αβTCR), a process important for T-cell tolerance induction. It is known that tolerance induction in the thymus involves multiple processes, and the thymus medulla is also known to contribute through guiding the generation and selection of natural FoxP3+ regulatory T-cells (nT-Reg). Of the ...

ea0038p408 | Steroids | SFEBES2015

Effects of diet and gender on postprandial salivary glucocorticoid levels and bile acid excretion in healthy volunteers

Anderson Graham , Kenyon Christopher , Al-Dujaili Emad A S

The synthesis and metabolism of bile acids and steroid hormones are conflicted at several levels. We investigated potential interactions using a feeding paradigm to stimulate bile acid secretion and salivary steroid measurements to monitor post-prandial changes.The study followed a randomised cross over design; both cortisol and cortisone were measured by specific ELISAs to assess effects on 11 beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase activity (11βHSD). At...