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ea0026p478 | Thyroid cancer | ECE2011

Incidentally discovered thyroid carcinomas. An experience of a centre through 18 years

Lizarraga Aitzol , Paja Miguel , Sanchez Maider , Barrios Borja , Perez Josu , Arosa Vanessa

Incidental thyroid carcinoma includes thyroid carcinomas detected after surgery in patients whose thyroid has been correctly studied with no data of malignancy. Lately, the widely spread use of image techniques and thorough search of thyroid nodule complains, have lead to a growing number of thyroid carcinomas. But still there are some of these incidentally discovered after thyroidectomy.We report 98 cases of thyroid carcinomas incidentally found from a ...

ea0049ep1332 | Thyroid (non-cancer) | ECE2017

Iodine content of iodized salt in Spain

Arosa Vanessa , Goitia Maider Sanchez , Espada Mercedes , Irigoyen Luis , Maldonado Gonzalo , Arrizabalaga Juan Jose , Santiago Piedad , Orosia Maria , Menendez Edelmiro , Vila Lluis , Wengrowicz Silvia , Donnay Sergio

Introduction: Optimization of iodine intake aims to prevent the irreversible damage that iodine deficiency (ID) can cause in the central nervous system during its development, as well as thyroid disorders that can be induced by both ID and excessive micronutrient intake. The Spanish legal regulation stipulates that iodized salt (IS) must contain 60 mg of iodine per kg of salt (60 ppm), allowing a tolerance of ±15%. The aim of this study is to address the iodine content of...

ea0090ep163 | Calcium and Bone | ECE2023

Evaluation of ultrasonography and 99mTc-sestamibi scintigraphy in the preoperative imaging study in Primary Hyperparathyroidism

Oleaga Amelia , Santamaria Alejandra , Goni Fernando , Moreno Cristina , Izuzquiza Ana , Espiga Javier , Arosa Vanessa , Monzon Andoni , Rodriguez-Soto Miren Josune , Izquierdo Jon , Iglesias Natalia , Garai Jon , Calles Laura , Hernando Inigo , Lizarraga Aitzol , Ugarte Estibaliz , Paja Miguel

Introduction: Minimally invasive surgery has become the standard surgical procedure in Primary Hyperparathyroidism (PHP). Targeted parathyroidectomy is associated with a shorter operative duration, a lower risk of complications and a greater patient satisfaction. This approach is dependent on precise localization of the abnormal gland. 99mTc-sestamibi scintigraphy and ultrasonography are acceptable imaging modalities to detect parathyroid adenoma prior to operation but discrep...