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ea0029oc10.1 | Pituitary Clinical 2 | ICEECE2012

Predictors of morbidity and mortality in acromegaly: an Italian survey on behalf of the Italian study group of acromegaly

Arosio M. , Reimondo G. , Berchialla P. , Malchiodi E. , Montefusco L. , Terzolo M.

This study presents epidemiological data of 1512 Italian acromegalic patients who had been diagnosed from 1980 to 2002 and followed-up for more than 10 years, retrospectively collected by 24 tertiary referral centers. Data on co-morbidities and mortality were compared to those of the general Italian population obtained by the Italian National Institute of Statistic. At diagnosis median age of patients (41% M, 59% F) was 46 years, GH (mean±S.D.) 31±37 m...

ea0011oc19 | Clinical endocrinology | ECE2006

Disease remission in long term treated acromegalic patients after somatostatin analog withdrawal

Ronchi CL , Varca V , Lania A , Arosio M , Spada A , Beck-Peccoz P

Long acting somatostatin analogs (SSTa) induce both GH/IGF-I reduction and pituitary tumor volume shrinkage in the majority of acromegalic patients. It is not known if SSTa might also definitively cure the acromegalic disease in at least some patients. Aim of the present study was to evaluate this possibility in acromegalic patients very well responsive to chronic treatment. Thirteen acromegalic patients (4M&9F), 5 newly diagnosed and 8 previously operated but none irradia...

ea0011p193 | Clinical practise and governance | ECE2006

Adequacy of post-glucose gh nadir <1 μg/l to define biochemical and neuroradiological remission of acromegaly

Ronchi CL , Varca V , Giavoli C , Ferrante E , Lania A , Arosio M , Beck-Peccoz P , Spada A

We previously demonstrated that acromegalic patients with normal IGF-I levels after surgery also met the current criteria for cure (i.e. postglucose GH nadir <1 μg/l) after long term monitoring. Since some Authors recently proposed to even lower the present GH nadir cut off value, the aim of this study was to confirm its adequacy to define long lasting disease remission. A group of 24 acromegalic patients (9 M&15 F, age 54.2±9.6 yrs) normal IGF-I levels and p...

ea0029p1462 | Pituitary Clinical | ICEECE2012

Study on IGF(CA)19 gene polymorphism in adults with GH deficiency

Giavoli C , Profka E , Olgiati L , Filopanti M , Bergamaschi S , Ferrante E , Arosio M , Ambrosi B , Spada A , Beck-Peccoz P

A highly polymorphic microsatellite in the IGF1 gene promoter, composed of variable cytosine-adenine (CA) repeats (n=10–24) has been linked to IGF1 serum concentrations in normal, acromegalic and GHD subjects with conflicting results. Aim of this study was to investigate whether this polymorphism may influence the clinical and biochemical characteristics of adult patients with GHD (n=97). Moreover, the response to 12-month rhGH replacement in terms of IGF1 l...

ea0026p283 | Pituitary | ECE2011

GH deficiency in cured acromegalic patients: metabolic effects of recombinant hGH replacement

Giavoli C , Verrua E , Ferrante E , Ronchi C L , Profka E , Arosio M , Spada A , Beck-Peccoz P

Background: GH deficiency (GHD) may occur in about 60% of acromegalics treated and cured by surgery or radiotherapy. Effects of GH replacement have not yet been extensively studied in such a patients.Aim: To investigate whether rhGH replacement improve metabolic parameters in acromegalic patients who become GHD.Patients and methods: Forty GHD patients (mean age (S.D.): 48±10, BMI 27±3 kg/m2) were...

ea0011oc53 | Calcium and bone OC49 Novartis Oncology Young Investigator Award | ECE2006

Bone involvement in patients with adrenal incidentalomas: role of subclinical hypercortisolism

Chiodini I , Coletti F , Epaminonda P , Di Lembo S , Morelli V , Masserini B , Adda G , Arosio M

Previous studies suggest that in patients with adrenal incidentalomas (AI) subclinical hypercortisolism (SH) exerts a deleterious effect on bone mineral density (BMD), but scarce data are available about vertebral fractures. We evaluate BMD and prevalence of vertebral fractures in a sample of AI subjects with and without SH.Forty-seven consecutive AI inpatients were evaluated (17M, 30F). The patients were subdivided into two groups: with or without subcl...

ea0011p733 | Steroids | ECE2006

Hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis in diabetes: role of autonomic unbalance

Chiodini I , Morelli V , Di Lembo S , Epaminonda P , Coletti F , Masserini B , Scillitani A , Arosio M , Adda G

In order to evaluate hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal activity in diabetic patients in relation to neuroautonomic balance, we studied 50 consecutive hospitalized T2D patients (22F, 28M) without symptoms of neuropathy or hypercortisolism. We measured: morning, midnight and post-dexamethasone suppression cortisol (F8, F24 and F-Dex respectively) 24-hours urinary free cortisol (UFC), morning ACTH, systolic and diastolic blood pressure levels (SBP, DBP) and performed deep-breathing ...