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ea0031p324 | Steroids | SFEBES2013

Continuous measurement of free cortisol profiles

Bhake Ragini C , Leendertz Jack A , Linthorst Astrid C E , Lightman Stafford L

In order to understand the significance of circadian and ultradian hormonal rhythms in man, both in health and disease, it is essential to be able to obtain multiple samples over extended periods, especially during the hours of sleep. The human automated blood sampling (HABS) system reported by Henley and colleagues can achieve this but is recommended for use in the setting of a clinical investigation unit which is its major drawback. For many diagnostic and scientific questio...

ea0015s13 | System-specific effect steroids | SFEBES2008

Glucocorticoid signalling in the brain

Lightman Stafford , Atkinson Helen , Droste Susanne-Katrin , Harbuz Michael , de Kloet Ronald , Linthorst Astrid , McKenna Mervyn , Reul Johannes , Seale Josephine , Wiles Crispin , Wood Susan , Conway-Campbell Becky

Aims: To define the ultradian pattern of corticosterone secretion in the rat, how this may be altered in different physiological states and the relevance of these patterns to nuclear signalling in the hippocampus.Methods: Rats were cannulated and attached to our automated blood sampling system. Some rats had simultaneous intracranial microdialysis for free corticosterone in the hippocampus and other rats were adrenalectomised and corticosterone replaced ...