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ea0022s13.2 | The TSH reference range | ECE2010

Health outcomes related to TSH values within the reference range

Asvold Bjorn Olav

There is increasing evidence that differences in thyroid function within the clinically normal range, as defined by TSH within the reference range, is associated with health outcomes.TSH within the reference range is positively associated with presence of thyroid antibodies and with risk of overt hypothyroidism. Some cross-sectional studies indicate that low-normal thyroid function may be associated with adverse serum lipid levels, high blood pressure, h...

ea0086ec1.3 | Clinical Endocrinology Trust Best Abstract Clinical | SFEBES2022

Individuals on levothyroxine have higher HADS anxiety and depression scores than the general population and this is exacerbated by the Thr92Ala substitution in DIO2

Taylor Peter , Haug Eirin , Heald Adrian , Premawardhana Lakdasa , Okosieme Onyebuchi , Stedman Michael , Asvold Bjorn , Dayan Colin

Introduction: Around 15% of people diagnosed with primary hypothyroidism remain significantly symptomatic despite TSH normalisation with levothyroxine (LT4). The Thr92Ala substitution (rs225014) in a key deiodinase that activates T4 to T3, DIO2 may influence tissue levels of T3 but previous studies have been inconsistent regarding symptoms on LT4 and the presence of this polymorphism.Methods: We assessed HADS anxiety and depression scores in the HUNT2 st...

ea0015p365 | Thyroid | SFEBES2008

A different relationship between thyroid function and mood in people on thyroxine compared to the general population: results from the HUNT study

Panicker Vijay , Evans Jonathan , Bjoro Trine , Asvold Bjorn , Dayan Colin , Bjerkeset Ottar

Introduction: It is standard teaching that thyroid function is associated with mood, in particular hypothyroidism with depression. Recent studies however have provided conflicting data, with community based studies suggesting no relationship, but a study in patients on thyroxine showing an association. There may be biases involved in these studies as in communities with good health care, symptomatic people with mildly abnormal thyroid function are often put on thyroxine and ex...