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ea0069p42 | Poster Presentations | SFENCC2020

Urinary retention causing severe hyponatremia, an association often missed

Rubab Umme , Aung Ei Thuzar , Sharma Dushyant

History: A 54 years old gentleman was admitted to the hospital after being found unconscious at home by his wife with a tongue bite and urinary incontinence. He had perineal approach biopsy 2 days ago for prostate cancer. Since biopsy, he had poor urine output with clots and dribbling. He also gave 2 days history of constipation. Wife was a doctor and mentioned that she palpated a distended bladder the night before. On examination, he was haemodynamically stable although he di...

ea0077p66 | Metabolism, Obesity and Diabetes | SFEBES2021

Challenges in the management of severe hypertriglycridaemia causing acute pancreatitis

Aung Ei Thuzar , Wilmington Rebekah , Cannell Stephen , Srinivas-Shankar Upendram

Pancreatitis has multiple aetiologies of which commonest are gall stones and alcohol. Hypertriglyceridaemia is a less common (1-14 %) cause of pancreatitis. We present three case histories of acute pancreatitis due to severe triglyceridaemia and its management challenge in people with diabetes.Case history: 1. A 33-year-old man with BMI of 41 kg/m2 with Hodgkin lymphoma, thyrotoxicosis and diabetes, but no history of alcohol use was diagnosed ...

ea0059ep27 | Bone and calcium | SFEBES2018

PTH elevation post-parathyroid carcinoma resection – metabolic phenomenon or evidence of disease spread? a case study and literature review

Aung Ei Thuzar , Devlin Helen Leitch , Htwe Nyi

We set out to describe a case of persistent PTH elevation post parathyroid carcinoma resection and assess its significance via literature review. A 71 year old lady presented with abdominal pain and weight loss. Blood tests revealed calcium of 3.42 mmol/l and PTH of 47.8 pmol/l. Ultrasound neck and SESTAMIBI scan suggested right lower parathyroid adenoma. She underwent right inferior parathyroidectomy however histology revealed parathyroid carcinoma with incomplete excision ne...

ea0074ncc43 | Highlighted Cases | SFENCC2021

Severe and resistant hypercalcaemia: a diagnostic and management challenge

Aung Ei Thuzar , Amer Lida , Wilmington Rebekah , Srinivas-Shankar Upendram

Case history: An 81 years old lady with treated follicular lymphoma, hypertension and osteoporosis was admitted to hospital with a fall and was found to have hypercalcaemia with adjusted calcium of 4.9 mmol/l (nr 2.2–2.6 mmol/l). There was history of constipation but no history of excessive thirst or polyuria. The patient was on atorvastatin, amlodipine, bendroflumethiazide, ramipril, calcium and vitamin D. On examination our patient was dehydrated and mildly confused. There w...

ea0077lb23 | Late Breaking | SFEBES2021

Unexplained hypoglycaemia in a patient with craniopharyngioma and GAD positive encephalitis

Rubab Umme , Aung Ei Thuzar , Woodward Charlotte , Olabampe Temi , Ediale Clifford , Flamini Thomas , Pain Lorna , Hassan Usman , Townsend Adam , Balafshan Tala , Narayanan Ram Prakash

Case report: A 55 years old Caucasian gentleman presented with recurrent episodes of unexplained hypoglycaemia with slurred speech, lethargy, myoclonic jerks and seizures. He had background of craniopharyngioma at the age of 17 and underwent surgery but no radiotherapy. Subsequently he was started on hormonal replacement with desmopressin, levothyroxine, hydrocortisone, testosterone and genotrophin and remained stable on treatment for 38 years. Hypoglycaemia work up revealed b...