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ea0032p39 | Adrenal cortex | ECE2013

The Urinary Aldosterone in the Diagnosis of Primary Aldosteronism

Solar Miroslav , Malirova Eva , Ballon Marek , Ceral Jiri

Introduction: The estimation of urinary aldosterone is one of the recommended confirmatory tests when diagnosing primary aldosteronism (PA). The study assessed the interpretation of the urinary aldosterone secretion (UA).Subjects and methods:: The study enrolled both healthy volunteers and patients with suspected PA. Estimation of UA in 24-hour urine specimen was performed in enrolled individuals. Increased oral salt intake was recommended before and dur...

ea0041ep315 | Clinical case reports - Pituitary/Adrenal | ECE2016

Posture-responsive primary aldosteronism – the utility of seated saline suppression test

Jakubikova Iva , Horacek Jiri , Spitalnikova Sylvie , Ballon Marek , Lojik Miroslav , Gabalec Filip , Zak Pavel

Introduction: The diagnostic procedure of primary aldosteronism (PA) includes one of four confirmatory tests, of which the saline suppression test (SST) seems to be the most convenient one. Current guidelines recommend SST to be performed in a recumbent position. However, a recent preliminary study demonstrated a higher sensitivity of SST when performed in the upright (i.e. seated) position. Here, we report a case of posture-responsive PA with a negative recumbent SST but clea...