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ea0009oc40 | Oral Communication 5: Thyroid | BES2005

Development of novel thyroid stimulating monoclonal antibodies from an experimental model with potencies equivalent to those in Graves' disease patients, including full agonistic activity but also differential blocking properties

Gilbert J , Rao P , Salehi S , Gora M , McGregor A , Banga J

In Graves' disease (GD), it is recognised that isolation of the rare pathogenic autoantibodies that stimulate the thyrotropin receptor (TSHR) would assist in understanding disease pathogenesis. To date, monoclonal antibodies (mabs) to the TSHR with thyroid stimulating activity (TSAbs) have been isolated from experimental models of GD which are 100 fold weaker than the reported single human mab with strong TSAb activity. We describe two novel IgG mabs from a murine model of GD ...

ea0011oc57 | ThyroidOC57 British Thyroid Association Award | ECE2006

Treatment of experimental hyperthyroid Graves’ disease with decoy TNF-family ligand receptors, suggests an essential role for BAFF in production of thyroid stimulating antibodies

Gilbert JA , Kalled SL , Moorhead J , Hess D , Rennert P , Li Z , Khan Z , Banga J-P

Introduction and Aims: GravesÂ’ disease (GD) is mediated by thyroid stimulating antibodies (TSAbs) to the TSH receptor (TSHR). Treatments for GD have remained unchanged for more than 40 years with less than 50% of patients achieving long term remission with medical therapy. Experimental animal models have been described which facilitate understanding of disease mechanisms and permit studies of novel immunotherapeutic interventions. However studies aiming to perturb the Th1...