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ea0014p195 | (1) | ECE2007

Effect of supervised structured exercise program for 16 weeks on metabolic, pulmonary and cardiovascular parameters in obese adolescents

Guízar-Mendoza Juan , Linares Benigno , Amador Norma , Barbosa Gloria , Malacara Juan

Objective: To investigate whether a supervised structured exercise program by 16 weeks improves metabolic, pulmonary and cardiovascular parameters in obese adolescents.Material and methods: We included 38 obese adolescents between 12–15 years old. They participated in a supervised exercise program by 90 minutes, 5 days a week during 16 weeks. At baseline and at the end of the exercise program, we evaluated cardiorespiratory fitness, anthropometric m...

ea0056p330 | Developmental endocrinology | ECE2018

Association of RS1170806 polymorphism in ADCY5 and RS7754840 polymorphism in CDKAL1 with birth weight, neonatal glucose, insulin and insulin resistance.

Venegas Ivette Guadalupe Aguilera , Pena Julia Mora , Dominguez Martha Isabel Gonzalez , Zapata Hector Manuel Gomez , Sabanero Gloria Barbosa , Monroy Maria Luisa Lazo de la Vega

Background: The fetal insulin hypothesis proposes that low birth weight, insulin resistance, and decreased insulin secretion in adulthood are genetically mediated. Babies with low birth weight have higher morbidity and mortality risk in adulthood. However, this situation could also occur in children with adequate weight at birth with genetic risk factors. The polymorphisms rs11708067 in ADCY5 and rs7754840 in CDKAL1 have been associated with low birth weight,...