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ea0022p47 | Adrenal | ECE2010

Genomic DNA alterations in adrenocortical tumors (ACTs): diagnostic and prognostic value

Assie Guillaume , Barreau Olivia , De Reynies Aurelien , Tissier Fredrique , Groussin Lionel , Bertagna Xavier , Bertherat Jerome , Clauser Eric

The outcome of ACTs can be determined by gene expression level at the RNA level. However RNA handling is challenging. In contrast tumor DNA is robust and therefore easier to use.Aim: To characterize the ACTs DNA alterations; to identify markers with diagnostic and prognostic value using tumor DNA.Methods: The mapping of chromosomal gains and losses of 60 ACTs (39 adenomas (ACAs), 21 carcinomas (ACCs)) was performed with CGH arrays ...

ea0032p5 | Adrenal cortex | ECE2013

The gene expression profile of cortisol secretion in adrenocortical adenomas

Roussel Hortense Wilmot , Vezzosi Delphine , Rizk-Rabin Marthe , Barreau Olivia , Ragazzon Bruno , Rene-Corail Fernande , de Reynies Aurelien , Bertherat Jerome , Assie Guillaume

The cortisol secretion level of adrenocortical adenomas range from hormonally silent to overt hypercortisolism. The mechanisms leading to the autonomous hypersecretion of cortisol are unknown. The aim was to identify the gene expression alterations associated with the autonomous and excessive cortisol secretion of adrenocortical adenomas.Methods: The transcriptome of 22 unilateral adrenocortical adenomas (5 non-secreting, 6 subclinical cortisol-producing...

ea0035oc2.3 | Adrenal clinical | ECE2014

Prognostic value of DNA methylation in adrenocortical carcinomas: an ENSAT study

Assie Guillaume , Jouinot Anne , Libe Rossella , Barreau Olivia , Papathomas Thomas , Hamzaoui Nadim , Sbiera Silviu , Ronchi Christina , Kroiss Matthias , Waldmann Jens , Quinkler Marcus , Beuschlein Felix , Mannelli Massimo , Luconi Michaela , Mantero Franco , Groussin Lionel , Baudin Eric , de Krijger Ronald , Fassnacht Martin , Bertherat Jerome

Background: The prognosis of adrenocortical carcinomas (ACCs) is heterogeneous. Genome-wide methylation analysis of tumor DNA identified a sub-group of ACCs from the French COMETE network with CpG island hypermethylation evoking a CpG island methylator phenotype (CIMP). These ACCs are associated with a poorer prognosis (Barreau, JCEM 2013).The aim was to validate the prognostic value of CIMP in a large multicentric independent cohort from ENSAT (European...