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Enhancers mapping uncovers phenotypic heterogeneity and evolution in patients with luminal breast cancer

Patten Darren K , Corleone Giacomo , Győrffy Balazs , Erdős Edina , Saiakhova Alina , Goddard Kate , Vingiani Andrea , Shousha Sami , Pongor Lőrinc Sandor , Hadjiminas Dimitri J , Schiavon Gaia , Barry Peter , Palmieri Carlo , Coombes Raul C , Scacheri Peter , Pruneri Giancarlo , Magnani Luca

The degree of intrinsic and interpatient phenotypic heterogeneity and its role in tumour evolution is poorly understood. Phenotypic divergence can be achieved via the inheritance of alternative transcriptional programs. Cell-type specific transcription is maintained through the activation of epigenetically-defined regulatory regions including promoters and enhancers. In this work, we annotated the epigenome of 47 primary and metastatic oestrogen-receptor (ERĪ±)-positive br...