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ea0035p784 | Obesity | ECE2014

Different relationship between serum 25OH-vitamin D and expression of vitamin D 25-hydroxylase gene CYP2R1 in subcutaneous adipose tissue of obese and slim subjects.

Jonas Marta , Kurylowicz Alina , Bartoszewicz Zbigniew , Lisik Wojciech , Jonas Maurycy , Wierzbicki Zbigniew , Chmura Andrzej , Puzianowska-Kuznicka Monika

Introduction: In Central Europe, vitamin D deficiency is common, and a very pronounced deficiency of this vitamin is observed in obese individuals. We hypothesized that the decreased serum concentration of vitamin D might be in part due to the changed metabolism of this vitamin in adipose tissues.Methods: We assessed the expression of vitamin D 25-hydroxylase genes CYP2J2 and CYP2R1 in adipose tissues of obese and slim patients using RT...