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ea0014gh1 | Geoffrey Harris Prize Lecture | ECE2007

Neuroendocrine control of steroid biosynthesis within the hypothalamus

Vaudry Hubert , Do Rego Jean-Luc , Beaujean Delphine , Galas Ludovic , Larhammar Dan , Young Seong Jae , Luu-The Van , Pelletier Georges , Tonon Marie-Christine

Neuroactive steroids synthesized in the brain, referred to as neurosteroids, have gained particular attention as they appear to be involved in the modulation of various neuroendocrine, behavioral and pathophysiological processes. Thus, the distribution of steroidogenic enzymes and the identification of the biochemical pathways leading to neurosteroid formation have now been almost completely elucidated in various groups of vertebrates. In contrast however, the neuronal mechani...