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ea0035p591 | Endocrine tumours and neoplasia | ECE2014

Should unifocal papillary thyroid microcarcinoma be treated as much radically as multifocal one?

Guminska Anna , Bakula-Zalewska Elwira , Benke Malgorzata , Bruszewska Elzbieta , Czetwertynska Malgorzata , Dlugosinska Joanna , Garszel Anna , Godlewska Paulina , Musial Emilia , Niewiadomska Joanna , Dedecjus Marek

Introduction: Multifocal papillary thyroid microcarcinama (PTmC) has been considered as more aggressive than the unifocal one.Aim of the study: This paper aims to compare this two groups considering histopatological sign of aggressivity, presence of inflammation and radioiodine uptake.Materials and methods: The analysis concerned 81 patient with microcarcinoma (PTmC) selected from group of 961 (8%) diagnosed and treated in conventi...