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ea0014oc5.4 | Thyroid basic | ECE2007

BRAFV600E mutations but not RET/PTC rearrangements are correlated with a lower expression of NIS mRNA expression in papillary thyroid cancer (PTC)

Romei Cristina , Piampiani Pamela , Faviana Pinuccia , Basolo Fulvio , Bottici Valeria , Sculli Mariangela , Berti Piero , Materazzi Gabriele , Pinchera Aldo , Elisei Rossella

Several studies have identified a relationship between oncogene activation and dedifferentiation of PTC. Mutations of RAS, RET/PTC and BRAF modulate the expression of thyroid genes. An impaired NIS expression has been demonstrated in PTCs harboring the BRAFV600E mutation.Aim of this study was to analyze BRAF and RET/PTC1-3 alterations and their influence on the expression of thyroid differentiation genes. Seventy-one PTC samples were studied. Quantitative analysis o...

ea0014p366 | (1) | ECE2007

Prognostic significance of BRAF mutation in patients affected by papillary thyroid carcinoma with a follow up of 20 years

Viola David , Romei Cristina , Biagini Agnese , Agate Laura , Molinaro Eleonora , Ciampi Raffaele , Renzini Giulia , Giannini Riccardo , Ugolini Clara , Berti Piero , Pinchera Aldo , Elisei Rossella

BRAFV600E is the most common mutation in papillary thyroid carcinoma (PTC). Anatomo-patology and clinical features of PTC with BRAFV600E are well described in literature.Aim of this study was to examine the prognostic significance of BRAFV600E in patients with PTC and a follow-up of 15-20 years.Genomic DNA was purified from 67 paraffin-embedded tumoral tissue. A PCR-SSCP analysis of exon 15 of BRAF ...