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ea0067o36 | Oral Presentations | EYES2019

Unusual cause of gigantism – Growth hormone releasing hormone (GHRH)-secreting pancreatic neuroendocrine tumour in a patient with multiple endocrine neoplasia type 1 (MEN1)

Nadhamuni Vinaya Srirangam , Iacovazzo Donato , Evanson Jane , Trouillas Jacqueline , Kurzawinski Tom , Bhattacharya Satya , Korbonits Marta

Background: Gigantism is a rare condition with accelerated growth in childhood when the epiphyseal plates are not fused. Most cases are due to growth hormone (GH) secretion from a pituitary adenoma. Rarer causes of GH-related gigantism include somatotroph hyperplasia as part of McCune-Albright syndrome, Carney complex, X-linked acrogigantism or ectopic GHRH production.Case presentation: An 18-year-old male with c.249_252delGTCT;p.I85Sfs MEN1 mut...

ea0021oc2.8 | Neuroendocrine tumours/pituitary | SFEBES2009

Diagnosis and localisation of insulinoma: the value of modern MRI in conjunction with calcium stimulation catheterisation

Muthuppalaniappan Vasantha M , Druce Maralyn R , O'Leary Benjamin , Chew Shern L , Drake William M , Monson John P , Akker Scott A , Besser Michael , Sahdev Anju , Rockall Andrea , Vyas Soumil , Matson Matthew , Berney Daniel , Bhattacharya Satya , Grossman Ashley B

Objective: To review the diagnostic features and localization accuracy of different investigations for insulinomas diagnosed 1990–2009 at a single tertiary referral centre.Design: A cross-sectional, restrospective analysis, including sporadic tumours and those in multiple endocrine neoplasia syndromes.Methods: Case notes and investigation results were reviewed from patients with biochemically or histologically-proven insulinom...