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ea0022p74 | Bone/Calcium | ECE2010

Delayed puberty and bone turnover biochemical markers

Bistriceanu Marian , Bistriceanu Iulia , Preda Magda Elvira , Bondari Simona , Covei Aurora , Putinelu Liliana

Background: Delayed puberty means the absence of secondary sexual characters until the age of 16 or the lack of puberty development until the limit of +2DS regarding the age when the puberty normally begins at considered population. Considering the major ethiological factor implied in delayed puberty, three mechanisms can be distinguished: hypothalamic, hypophyseal and gonadal. Osteoporosis depends mainly on the deficiency of one or of all sexual hormones, arised during the on...

ea0022p857 | Thyroid | ECE2010

A study of thyroid disorders in pregnancy

Voican Adela , Pavel Oana , Vasile Ionut , Cerga Areta , Bistriceanu Marian

Background and aims: Thyroid disorders (TDs) are frequent in women of reproductive age, with a major influence on both female reproductive function and fetal development. During pregnancy, TDs associate a high risk of miscarriages, premature birth or neonatal morbidity. Our study aimed to assess both TDs prevalence in pregnant women and the need to adjust the necessary treatment during pregnancies complicated with TDs.Patients and method: This is a retro...

ea0014p398 | (1) | ECE2007

Correlation between bone minerale density and bone turnover in delayed puberty

Bistriceanu Iulia , Bistriceanu Marian , Neacsu Elena , Preda Magda , Pruna Alida

It is established that the delayed puberty is the lack of development of sexual maturation in boys and girls at a chronological age that is 2.5 standard deviation above the mean age. Some possible causes of delayed puberty are: hypothalamic defects, pituitary defects or the gonads.Objectives: Early diagnosis of the gonadal insufficiency; identification of the bone mass and the bone turnover at the pacients with delayed puberty; prophylaxis measures of th...

ea0022p72 | Bone/Calcium | ECE2010

Study implications osteoporosis in gonadal disgenesias

Bistriceanu Iulia , Preda Magda Elvira , Bistriceanu Marian , Putinelu Liliana , Bondari Simona , Covei Aurora

All the defects of gonad formation during intrauterine development have been grouped under the name of gonadal disgenesias. Disturbances of the whole body appears in gonadal disgenesias, the disruption process of sexualization remaing the major event. In the absence or scarcity oestrogen, progesterone or androgens, hypogonadal sexoidoprive osteoporosis develops.Objectives: Early diagnosis of gonad disgenesias; study of bone mineral metabolism alterations...

ea0022p73 | Bone/Calcium | ECE2010

Bone mineral density study and biochemical markers of bone turnover in premature ovarian failure

Bistriceanu Iulia , Preda Magda Elvira , Bistriceanu Marian , Putinelu Liliana , Bondari Simona , Covei Aurora

Objectives: The premature ovarian failure (the poor ovaries’ syndrome) is characterized by the ovaries inability to normally sexualize, due to a poor sexoidogenetic device (low gonocyte population).Analysis of subjective and objective clinical criteria of patients with premature ovarian failure, early diagnosis of the premature ovarian failure, establish the etiology of premature ovarian through basal and dynamic hormones evaluation, assesment of pr...

ea0022p695 | Obesity | ECE2010

The metabolic syndrome and the non-alcoholic fatty liver disease: metabolic and pathology aspects

Popescu Mihaela , Popescu Alin , Neagoe Daniela , Comanescu Violeta , Dinca Mihaela , Bistriceanu Marian

Obesity and the metabolic syndrome show increased morbidity and mortality, by inducing morphological and functional alterations of several organs, the liver included (non-alcoholic fatty liver disease – NAFLD). They start with minimal alterations ranging to terminal liver disease (non-alcoholic steatohepatitis – NASH – and cirrhosis).We intended to identify the histological aspects in NAFLD and to examine the correlations between the histo...

ea0020p225 | Bone/Calcium | ECE2009

The study of bone turnover biochemical markers in delayed puberty

Bistriceanu Iulia , Covei Aurora , Neacsu Elena , Vasile Ionut , Preda Magda Elvira , Bistriceanu Marian

Background: The delayed puberty is defined by absence of secondary sexual characters until the age of 16 or lack of puberty development until the limit of +2DS in regard to the age when the puberty begin normal at considered population. After the major factor implied in delayed puberty ethiology, can be distinguished three mechanisms: hypothalamic, hypophyseal and gonadal. It is recognized the fact that the osteoporosis process is, in the first place, dependent and interdepend...