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ea0089c13 | Clinical – Chemo/SSA/Biologics | NANETS2022

Serum Serotonin Compared to Plasma 5-HIAA and Chromogranin A as Biomarkers of Response to Hepatic Artery Bland Embolization

Blanford Cole , Yan Donglin , Li Ning , Woodworth Alison , Gabriel Gaby , Khouli Riham El , Chauhan Aman , Anthony Lowell

Background: Chromogranin A (CGA) and 5-HIAA are meaningful biomarkers in managing neuroendocrine tumors (NETs). CGA, though nonspecific, can reflect disease bulk and typically decreases after debulking surgery. 5-HIAA is specific to NETs though its measurement may require a special diet, a 24-hour urine collection, or specialized blood collection tubes; but usually decreases after debulking procedures. Serotonin, though useful in diagnosing NETs, is not followed as a biomarker...